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dry mouth & throat


I am wondering whether having a very dry mouth could be caused by inhalers or other meds (not asthma related)

I have always drank lots of water for years due to having very dry mouth & throat.

Mouth gets so dry at times my cheeks & inside front of mouth just stick to my teeth.

As i say i drink lots of water to stop it happening

Yesterday, i went for check up to dentist.

I saw a new dentist & he asked if my mouth is often very dry.

I think first thing that tipped him off was the fact my tongue had affectedmy talking cos dry.

I said its normal for me & i drink lots of water to help.

After my check up (no fillings :) )

He said drinking water may help but it wasnt enough.

He said the membranes in mouth were becoming too dry & so i dont produce spit basicly

He asked if i had tried using a spray to help. I thought he meant those little ones to freshen breath, but they made my mouth sore.

He didnt mean them.

He prescribed what appears to be spit mixed with some other stuff.

He said if mouth uncomfortable due to dry to use this spray & let him know if it helps or need any more.

Its called

A S Saliva Orthana.

It contains mucin xylitol flouride & mineral salts

It tastes a bit like really watered down mouthwash & you spray into cheeks, under tongue & onto tongue.

He said given time, it will help repair some of the damage to membrane & still to drink lots of water

Anyone else using this stuff?

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well i get a very dry mouth becauce i cant close my mouth properly because of pretruding front teeth, and i dont produce salivia. I think dry powder inhalers can make your mouth dry, i know for a fact that seretide does, as i am on and it gives me more a dry mouth and makes me lose my voice and the nurse told me that where the side affects were


Hi howie,

my mouth is the same always dry,

I keep sipping water every chance I get.

love the water at work as its freezing from them machines.

I have even had a drink of water going round tessco and nearly

a empty bottle to pay for hahaha ,

keep me posted how the spray goes ,could do with one myself.

love Glynis xxx


Hi Howie, my mouth gets very dry too, I take 3 inhalers and four hourly nebs, nebs are worse for doing this. The medication has also eroded the enamel on my teeth. I drink lots of juice which also helps with mucous. Just another side effect I afraid. I don't take amything for it.


Inhalers can cause dry mouth, as can many medications, but without knowing what drugs you're on I can't elaborate and further. I'm on a lot of medication that can cause dry mouth. I've been using saliva replacement for a few months now, I started with a spray called Glandosane, which did work on the dryness but being an aerosol spray didn't agree with my lungs (which are particularly fussy I can't even used MDIs because my lungs don't like the propellant). I now use a gel called Biotene which doesn't mess with my lungs and also doesn't have that unpleasant feeling of spraying spit into my mouth. You can also get pastilles called Salivix that stimulate your mouth into producing more saliva, but I haven't tried these. Without the saliva replacement I often struggle with chewing my food, and have some problems with talking. No matter how much water or other fluids I drink it doesn't help with the dryness so the Biotene has really helped me.


Thanks to all for answers.

The only inhalers i use are the maroon one, the white one with green lid & blue one. That is clenil modulite, atimos modulite & everyones favourite salbutamol. I dont need to use every 4 hours.

Its blue i use most, but even then, i dont need blue except if bit breathless after stairs & that nasty niggling dry cough you get.

Apologise to anyone who answers any posts etc if i take ages to reply.

Im not being ignorant, i just tend to look at forums around this time.

Hope all well, dont like this sort of fake spit, but dont like my tongue sticking to mouth so i cant talk properly either.

Will post update in few weeks if it does help.

Gotta try it



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