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Advice over Hayfever and Ventolin

Hi. Briefly: I am 45 year old male with high blood pressure (on medication for this but is controlled now).I`ve suffered from an allery to cats (and other types of hairy animals) since I was about 9 and use a Ventolin inhaler to control my asthma symtoms aswell as itchy eyes, sneezing etc.I only need Ventolin in situations where cats etc are or have been. Now, starting about 3 years ago, I also suffer hayfever and it`s really bugging me. This years started around 2 weeks ago so not sure what ""strain"" this is. My breathing, especially at night is quite severe and my Ventolin has no affect. I`ve puffed well over the doseage with no affect (at least 10 puffs the other night).During the day, breathing is a lot better but still wheezing. Before I book an appointment to the quacks, anybody else have similar experiences?

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Although I am having breathing problems for over 4 weeks now I did not waste time and went straight to my GP for help. Given that I have had asthma since Adam was a lad I do not mess around as it always comes round and gets you from the back. I am now on a shed load of treatment whilst awaiting appt with resp Consultant later this month. Please do not hang about, get to your GP for them to find out what is causing your problem.



Straight advice, go see your doc.

He needs to know how you are so treatment can be reviewed.

Dont waste time

Dont take risk

Also, i get hayfever & when i started taking singulair tabs it certainly helped reduce symptoms & breathless at night


Hi all.Thanks for the words of advice and I've certainly now booked into see GP.Having said that,my breathing is now a lot better and most of the phlegm has now been coughed up.Still, without doubt, the visit is in order.Cheers


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