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No infection but antibiotics make a big difference? Can anyone explain this?


I've been struggling for a few weeks. As a last attempt I was given another short burst of prednisolone last week. While on it, I got a cold and things started to go downhill. I saw a locum who said she couldn't hear an infection (as had a number of other doctors in the previous weeks) but gave me antibiotics anyway, mostly because I was still wheezing.

After 4 days, the breathlessness has now eased off a lot. I nearly had an unbroken sleep last night and am a lot less shaky than I've been in weeks (have kept to my over-dependent ventolin routine today so its not due to that). My chest feels a lot more stable and my peak flow has improved noticably.

This seems very strange to me, is it?

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Some antibiotics can reduce inflammation aswell as clearing up



i was put on trimetheprin for a pee infection and it had the same effect as you on my chest, worked for about 3-4 months. gaz


No Infection but Antibiotics make a big difference


I had a chest infection in 2003, I asked 3 locum Doctors for antibiotic, however, I was refused, all Doctors told me I had no infection, I knew otherwise, after a few weeks I was rushed into ICU at the North Staffs Hospital, I was put on a Live Support Manchine for 6 days,

As soon as I was arrived at the ICU test were carry out as my peak flow was 250, the Infection that the Locum Doctors said I did not have was found, I was bombarded with Antibiotics, The Locum Doctors as my own Doctors use Guildline from NICE, I have been on NICE WEBSITE and I will comfirm the Doctors have been advised by NICE to tell their patient that they have no infection WHEN INFACT the patient has.

Regarding the Prednisolone and your cold, prednisolone depress the body defence system therefore the body is opens up to all colds infection. I hope this answer your question, After I have taken Prednisolone and finish the supply I alway take high dose of Vitamin C and Raw Garlic with Olive Oil to buid up my body defences again.

All the Best,

Ray 22


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