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Cancelled holiday and mad doctor - any advice?


Im looking for some advice on what is a big problem in my life right now.

I was diagnosed with asthma in 2006 at the age of 18. Since then things have been up and down with a few hospital admissions.

Since February this year things seemed to have settled down and I was even able to walk 4K for world asthma day.

I was due to be going a youth group trip to Ukraine in August and had paid all my money and spoken to my doctor who said I would be given extra medicines and as long as I was careful should be ok.

My youth group leader recently told me I cannot go because of my medical history and they are not equipt to cope with me, also there are long walks planned which I perhaps will not manage.

I understand where she is coming from but am gutted at the same time.

My problem now is that I told my doctor I am no longer going to Ukraine and he went mad, saying I could do them under disability discrimination. I don't want to fight with anyone and I dont even know how Id go about doing anything but I think my doctor knows me better and if hes saying I would cope then who are the youth group to say I cannot go as they know little about my medical condition.

Im trying to look to the future now but my doctor keeps on at me saying I shouldnt just accept the decision.

Any advice would be much appreciated

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I wasn't sure from your post if you were going to help with the youth group, or whether you were considered a 'youth' (in a sightly older youth group). I'm assuming it's to help, in which case, although it may seem unfair you do need to look at it from the perspective of the leader. If something were to happen, you would not be in a position to lead/support which could have multiple implications for the group.

Did you speak to the youth group leader before you booked anything? Easy to say in hindsight, I know, but that may have prevented the position you are now in.

I think you're right to look to the future, you'll know how to prepare better in advance and who to talk to. I actually think your doctor (I'm assuming GP?) is being a little unhelpful and may cause additional stress which may affect your asthma.

I'm in a similar position, my consultant and specialist nurse who know me and my asthma well have said it's fine for me to go away to a conference and on holiday, but my university are having 'mutterings' (as I call them!!) about whether it's 'safe' for me to go. It's irritating, but sometimes we just have to go through these things. At least I suppose it shows people are thinking, even if it's a little misplaced.

I don't know if you had travel insurance, but in future I would say this is also a must.


Think your Doctor is right here. If it's something you want to do you should. You know your asthma best and their should be first aiders within the group by law of which they will be trained in asthma attacks. It would be no different if someone fell and hurt a part of them or youy having an attack - first aider would have to stay with casulty.

I am a leader for youth activities in my community. Recently back form activity weekend which included gorge walking, kayaking, abseiling, obstacle courses, swimming. Also been hill walking in snow. i actually find it helps where these activities take place the air is much cleaner and instead of peak flow of 450-480 i can get 500-520. For weeks after it stays up and don't need to take reliever at all. Never once have I been asked not to do anything because of my asthma, even being around kids. If I didn't feel well then I wouldn't put them in that position of danger you are the best judge of how things are.

I'd have a meeting with the people in incharge of the group and see if you can work out an action plan to work out the what ifs.




Thanks for replying and giving me your point of views on this issue.

I perhaps didn't make it clear, its an older youth group aged between 18-30.

I did speak to the youth group leader and explain my medical conditions in January and she seemed to think things were ok then which is prob why her getting back to me the end of May and telling me I can't go gave me a shock.

I did speak to her about things last week and she said she just couldnt take the risk. I do understand the decision from her point of view although I do think theres not enough people trained in dealing with an asthma attack.

I think Im just gonna have to move on from this and maybe next year I will be able to go on a trip with them. Hope my doctor accepts my decision and stops stressing me out even more!!!


I would say give them an asthma attack card as it tells them exactly what to do in an asthma attack. You can also send off for information leaflets on asthma and give them that.

The Ukraine have medical people and they will know what to do when they see an asthma attack. Your GP will be able to give you letters with his email address as well as telephone number on so they (ukrainan medical people) can contact him if needed. You can also get extra medication like he said. I did this for a recent holiday. (had no problems was healthy abroad than uk)

On days when there are long walks you could stay back at the hotel. Considering you are all adults this would not be a problem as you are quite capibale of looking after yourself and asking for help should you need it in an emergency. (take a good book)

I think your GP is right you should not take this as the final decision. Asthma should not stop you doing what you want to do! Nor should other people prevent you.

Techincally you could go by yourself on holiday - yes it would be lonely but you could! I have taken myself away on holiday several times and some of those have been camping i just made sure i told the campsite owner i was asthmatic just to be on the safe side. There is nothing to stop you going away. I do not see why they are worried if they cannot deal with the asthma themselves, they should be capiable of ringing the emergency services if not joe bob public would be able to even if they spoke a different language. I defintely agree with your GP!

Although saying that if someone did that to me i probabley would not want to go away with them as it kind of shows what they think of you with a disability. It shows there true colours so to speak. I was told do not let your disability stop you doing what you want to do in life, just ask for a little help.

Hope my woffle helps



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