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Any advice would be much appreciated?

Hey everyone :)

Was diagnosed with asthma in 2007 and it just doesnt seem to have stabalised despite being referred to the hospital for further tests.

I am really having a bad week this week, I havent been sleeping as keep waking up with a tight chest, take my blue inhalor and it only seems to help for 10mins or so...

On Monday I spoke to my doctor and was prescribed steroid tablets however since Ive started taking the tablets things have got worse.

I am getting sharp pains high up in my chest and my arms feel really heavy and sore.

Spoke to a pharmacist and have been taking co-codamol but not really helping.

Any suggestions what to do? I can't take this pain much longer

Thanks x

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well my only advice, if you feel worse, is that you must go and see your gp straightaway - like, today, and not a telephone consultation either

your reliever inhaler is supposed to improve your symptoms for about 4 hours, not 10 minutes!

I would phone your surgery now and see if you can be seen this evening - don't delay


If your reliever is not lasting 4 hours you need to phone gp, out of hours or 999.

Please dont mess around get the medical help you need.



Hi Julzy,

I get exactly the same sharp pains high up in my chest and painful arms. I burst into tears when I last went to see the consultant because I was in so much pain but even then they didn't do anything for me because they said I was on the max of meds. Hope you get more sense with your gp.

Wishing you loads of luck, Hope you feel better soon.



Thanks Guys

Hey :)

Thanks to all of you for your advice. I managed to get an appointment with my doctor who took my peak flow and said it was low but the steroids should help soon. She told me to go home, have a hot bath as that should help relax the muscles. Ive just done that and can feel a dull pain still but nothing like the pain I was in earlier.

She told me if it gets bad again later phone NHS24.

Fingers crossed that things are on the up and I get some sleep tonight


Take care, I've been through the same, on second week of pred now but hasn't made much difference yet. It seems I'm following in my Sons footsteps, he takes 10 days for pred to work, should be ok by Friday!!Please keep a check on what's happening as asthma can get you in your sleep BIG TIME, found this out early Sunday morning, luckily hubby was awake to oversea sorting out ambulance for me, don't want to think about what would have happened if he was doing his usual deep snorey sleep routine!!



glad you saw your doc julzy, sometimes just some reassurance helps cos stress isn't good

i've got one of those heatpads with velcro which you can wrap around painful area and put on low, just a gentle heat to keep muscles relaxed - was less than £20 and is great

hope you sleep well tonight x


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