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Newbie here - joined as my asthma is as its worst in 20 years

Hello all, I am new here. I had bad asthma as a child but not been in hospital since I was about 10 years old with it, and coped well with hardly an attack until about a year ago, I am now 30. Well it has now got gradually worse and worse, the GP has put me on everything he apparently can (salamol, serevent, beclazone, spiriva & salamol nebules). Had an attack tonight & have been on the nebuliser almost constantly, rang the Drs surgery & they tell me to go to A&E - I'm sorry but unless I am at deaths door I am not trying to drive myself over half an hour to the nearest A&E at gone 11.30pm. Have another Dr appointment on Wednesday morning & am going to ask to be referred to a specialist.

Have just started homeopathy - have any of you had results with this?

Any ideas as to why it has suddenly got worse?

Katharine if you read this, I read your post & can totally sympathise. I have three ponies to look after and just can't do anything with them, I feel so useless and depressed.

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For goodness sake get yourself to A and E NOW if your nebuliser is not workiing! you might not be as you see it at deaths door but the situation is serious all the same if your nebuliser is not working.

If you can't drive dial 999 and get an ambulance!


Thanks Wanda - I am actually feeling better now, instead of gasping for breath with mouth open as per usual I thought of my friend banging on about the buteyko breathing method & started breathing through my nose & a lot more shallow - and after about 15 minutes I started to feel loads better. Could have just been the nebs kicking in, but whichever way I am feeling much better which is the main thing.


Minnow, I am glad you are feeling better. Just a quick note to remind people butekyo should only be used with the approval and guidence of your respiratory team.



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