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Hi I am new to the site.

I am a Mummy to 3 beautiful children, of which 2 have asthma. I have mild asthma since a baby but it only affects me when I am ill.

My son is 3 1/2 and has been ill since Novenmber. It started with glandular fever and he has been very poorly since. This week he was finally diagnosed with having asthma. He is currently on blue and brown inhalers and singulair granules that we started this week. Hopefully I will have my happy little man back soon.

My youngest also has asthma. She is 13 months and I knew from day 1 something wasn't right with her. After several hospital stays, numerous doses of steroids, antibiotics and other meds we are settled on singulair granules and inhalers. At the moment we are going 4 weeks between attacks which is a massive improvement on the weekly ones. She also has severe reflux which cause her have blue episodes.

I look forward to gaining some more knowledge on asthma and how I can help my children.

Corinne x

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Hi Corinne

I just wanted to hello and welcome, I also have 3 children and my youngest has asthma. Sorry to hear you have had such a bad time with your two children, I hope now the medication is sorted things start to settle down for you. I have found this site wonderful, very supportive and I have gained so much knowledge about asthma. I hope you will find it as supportive.

Clare x


Hello and Welcome to the forum I'm sure you'll find lots of useful information here


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