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Asthma is out of control again. I hate it, I wish the thing would start behaving

Well I am now into month 10 of the asthma being hell. I changed GP as my old GP was useless and the new one is so much better but I still seem to be seeing him every other week. I am so fed-up. I have been on 5 courses of prednisolone already this year which is 4 more than last year, been on anti-bioctics 4 times which is the same as last year and we still have 3 months left. I have had my medication changed 4 times already and I am constantly changing the dose of my inhalers from prescribed dose to double dose. I am on double dose again after only 7 days of being back down to my normal dose after a 14 day session on double dose. What more can I do. I am on step 2 again of my asthma action plan and if there is no improvement or I get any worse then it is doctors again on Friday.

I have a wedding to go to in 11 days and with the way I feel at the moment I wont be going. I have to be healthy for my children especially my baby as I am his career as he has epilepsy, incontinence issues, sensitive digestion track and learning difficulties in more than 1 area. I do get a little brake from being his career as he is know in nursery 3 hours 5 days a week but I am at my wits end. All I wont is to get the asthma controlled for more than 7 days. I have horrid chest pains, my ribs feel like they are on fire, I feel like I am so gunked up and the only time I feel any relief is for an hour after using the salbutamol.

Any idea;s on what I can do to get better control. I am on step 4 of the asthma treatment plan. I have to take 2x250mg Seretide twice a day, 400mg Salbutamol when needed, 10mg Montekulast at night and 20mg Cetrizine at night. The Seretide is oubled to 4x250mg twice a day. I am also taking 2x500mg Paracetamol and 2x50mg Codine

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Sorry to read that you are struggling. I would have thought it may be a idea to ask for a referral to a respiratory consultant. It's good that your GP is helping but perhaps you need specialist input? Hope you feel able to cope with the wedding and looking after you kids. Sonja


Hi Asthmafamily, I am sorry to read that you have been struggling. I agree that you should discuss a referral to the respiratory team at your local hospital, according to BTS guidelines if you're step 4-5 a referral is recommended so that you can be assessed, treatment changed and to investigate any other conditions which may be contributing or infact not asthma.

hope you get somewhere soon

take care x


hi im sorry to hear your still doing the rounds with preds i've been put on aminophylline and have had two milder bouts since then when i recently visited a totally different gp he offered to refer me instantly i think we need to be a bit more insistant when gp's are a bit too laid back.


Sorry you are feeling so rough, know the feeling as been there myself. As already mentioned it might be better to be under a respiratory consultant. I made faster progress once I was refered and although things aren't perfect they are much better.

You also have alot to deal with being the carer for someone, this puts tremendous strain on you. I don't want to offend you but is there any way you could get some respite care so you had longer than 3 hours to yourself? Being able to relax knowing you didn't have to worry might help you.

I wish you well and hope you can get some resolution.

Take care



I had asthma until a few years ago when I developed a form of breathing that helped me clear it. Since then this breathing system has helped many people with breathing difficulties and asthma.

I taught Tai chi and cranio sacral therapy for some twenty years and whilst watching my breath one day this type of breathing just started to happen on its own. I have called this breathing - Holographic Breathing and I have spent the last eight years developing it.

It is proving very helpful for people with asthma, breathing difficulties and anxiety. Anyway I have made free audio downloads which teach this system and are free from my web site.

If you are interested in this just Goole Holographic Breathing Free. If you try it, let me know how it goes, I would be really interested if it helps.


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