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Do you know any other famous people with asthma?


OK so for the asthma day I am doing at my son's school I have decided it would be good to be able to do a presentation on famous people to show the children that even though these people are famous they have asthma and they don't let there asthma stop them doing something that they love doing and have a passion for. So far I have found that David Beckham, Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard all footballers have asthma. Can you tell me any more famous people with asthma? It doesn't matter what they do that has made them famous as long as I can show the children that asthma doesn't stop you doing what you want to be when you grow up as long as you take control of your asthma and you take care fo yourself. I have also found out that Alice Cooper a famous rock singer also has asthma which will mean nothing to most children at my son's school but will mean so much to my son as he is the only child that I know of that loves rock and metal music well other than his sister. All the famous names will be so much help and if you could also tell me what they do and if they are in a term of some sort then can you also please tell me the term and what they do in that term. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance Alison

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Stephen fry does (QI) and kirsten o'brien who used to present some kids TV (like smart) so would be good for kids. Paula Radcliffe does too, an athlete


Dotted around the AUK website you will find different celebrities that ahve asthma. I will go ahve a look and let you know what I find. x


Hi Alison,

You can see more celebs with asthma by viewing our celebrity noticeboard:



Thank you for that Luke will go and take a look. My hubbie has decided that I have become obsessed with the organisation of the fund-raising for AUK but I just like to be prepared and have everything available and at hand before I do the event.


One of the kids activities that we came up with for the Kick Asthma holidays last years was to hand out sheets of photos of celebs with asthma, and get the kids to try and name them all.

We had pics of the following (this is before Beckham's asthma was revealed, BTW):

Charlotte Church

Stephen Fry

Jessica Alba

Davina McCall

Lily Allen

Austin Healey

Sarah Michelle Geller

Ian Wright

Jeremy Clarkson

Robbie Fowler

Bill Bailey


Lindsey Lohan

Antonio Banderas

Bill Clinton


Matt Lucas

Paul Scholes

Paula Radcliffe

...also, Charles Dickens and Beethoven were sufferers!


Wow peaksteve that list is amazing. Will be OK if I take some of the names from the list to use? I have been doin gloads of research and I have found a few more peopl etoo but they are all on your list that I have so far. Will continue the hunt though as I think some of the names I have found the kids will say ""Who's that?"" Wtote and sent off loads of letters too asking for donations for raffle prizers so far only 1 have replied and sent me 2 complimarty tickets. Hopefully I will hear back by the end of this month from the others.

Don't forget ...

Ian 'Beefy' Botham

Steve Ovette

Che Guevara (sp?)



Thanks, Kate - looks like I need to sort some more pictures out.

Asthma Family - go for it!

My son is well chuffed, he thinks it's cool there are more famous people out there. He loves Franz Ferdinand and has one of their songs as his ringtone on mobile phone, this was before he knew the singer was asthmatic. Now he's well happy


Peaksteve you just made me laugh for the first time in days but it hurt like bad and I sounded like that dog mutley from the children's cartoon I used to love watching. I will go for it and I can't wait to see the faces of the children when they see how many famous people there are in different area's that have asthma.

Jus need ot find some, rock/metal band members, basket ball, base-ball and american football players that have asthma to give my son some inspiration other than Alice Cooper

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