Feeling so fed up with this whole asthma lark.

Spo normally my asthma is well controlled but recenrlty well for the last 3 months I have been up and down all over th place. So Friday I went back to the doctors and when I arrived I cold hardly breathe so they ended up giving me 2.5ml's salbutamol nebule which helped as after taking this I felt fab no chest tightness or pain in the lung area, shortness of breathe gone and for the first time in months I managed to get 420 on the peak flow. They sent me hime with a new dosage on my inhalers and told me if I feel worse or no better in the next few days to go back or they would see me back in 2 weeks. Well there is no improvement if anything I feel worse today than I did Monday so made another appointment for Wednesday so I can see the same doctor as I did Friday. Friday night peak-flow was down to 400 but this morning I couldn't even manage 350. I ma taking my blue inhaler 4 puffs every 4 hours and my brown 4 puffs twice a day but today I have started taking another 4 puffs at lunch on the brown just to see if I can sort myself out until Wednesday. I know I should of probably gone back today and saw a different doctor but I didn't want to have to explain everything again I am getting so tempted to taking one of Ryan's nebules to see if it helps any but I know that is the wrong thing to do. If it gets any worse then I am going ot head ot the hospital as I can't take thsi feeling anymore. I am so worn out and exhursted.

OK Rant over thank you for reading this rant and moan

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  • hi

    Check with your doc for dose of brown one .

    mine is beclazone 250 and take 2 puffs twice a day and 2 puffs 4 times when bad.

    You seem to be taking alot of your brown one

    but that might be a lower dose inhaler than mine xxxx

    Love Glynis xxx

    good luck at the docs they will sort it for you xxxx

    do you have a action plan,if not could be worth asking doc do you one xxxxx

  • Dont double up on brown unless you have been told you can! Ring the doctors or go to the hospital, if you are not coping you know you can go to the hospital and say you are not coping with your asthma can they sort it out because it is affecting your life, explain a nebuilser helped at the GPs on friday.

    They would prefer to see you well than really really unwell! I have been in this position before.

    Please dont wait please get it sorted out!


  • As your pf of 420 was just after a neb it's no surprise it was down a bit to 400 later that day. Also, as many asthmatics' pf is lowest first thing in the morning, 350 doesn't seem too bad either - it's still more than 80% of your 420 reading.

    Is there any other reason why you could be feeling exhausted? I think sometimes we forget that just because we have asthma doesn't mean we can't get other things wrong with us too.

    But if you're that worried don't wait til Wednesday, see a different doctor if necessary. They will have your notes from last visit so you won't have to explain it all. Whereas if you go to the hospital, you will definitely have to explain everything again.

  • Just read this and like you my asthma hasn't behaved for the last 3 months, the cold weather.

    Your peakflows don't mean much without knowing what your personal best is. If you have current readings lower than 80% of your best then by all means up your ICS. Not sure what dose of Clenil your on but don't exceed the 2000mcg per day. Also worth giving you GP or asthma nurse a ring when you do this if you've not been given the OK prior to doing so. You'll find using your ventolin 5-10 mins before taking your ICS will help. Only thing with the high dose ICS is you'll end up with a sore throat, but also doses over 1000mcg daily are essential to be taken through a spacer.

  • My personal best on the peak-flow has been an amazingly high 490 but my average is 450. Before Friday I was on 200mg on both brown and blue but know I am on 200 blue and 400 brown. I do have action plans but they are based on the old dosages so not sure if I shoudl follow them. On the old dosage the action plan reads 200mg Salbutamol every 4 hours and 400mg Clenil modulite 3 times a day. This is the reason why I decided today I would start taking an extra dose at lunch. Got to take baby to see doctor tomorrow dueing mother and baby clinic so if I am lucky doctor will check my chest aagin tomorrow while seeing baby and then I can cancel my appointment for Wednesday. Forog tot also say I use my inbhalers through a spacer as I can't do the breathing and spray at the same time without it making me gag

  • As your best is 450, anything below 360 is when you should be thinking about doubling up your inhalers, and you seem to be doing that, but it doesn't seem to be helping if your having frequent symptoms. Thats something you really do need to talk though with your GP/Nurse. 400mcg of beclometasone three times a day is far from high. From the figures you gave I conclude that you have the Clenil 100 or equiv, that seems low and isn't helping you so definitely see about getting those inhalers put up.

  • Hope you feel much better soon

    Kate x

  • Well they have given me a day course of prednisalone to see if that will help and if it doesn't or there is only minimum improvement in 7 days when I have a re view with the lady doctor again then she will changin gmy inhaler to Seritide 250mg. She said that because there are signs of the inhalers then it could just be that I need a course of oral steriods to help. Peak flow was 340 in surgery today but no signs of infection upon listening to my chest. She also said that she also feels that the last chest infection I had seems to be the trigger of this asperation period and because the infection was on the bronculs then it could of coursed some damage to my lungs. She has put in for a refereal to a specalist at the hospital and has requested an MRI scan to rule out damage on the lungs or early signs of OPCD or whatever it is called. She said to continue with the 400mg clenil twice a day and to take 400 Salbutamol every 4 hours and if need be in between those 4 hours aswell. If peak-flow drops to below 300 go to the hospital and not allow an attack to go on longer than 8 minutes before dialling 999. I'm not allowed to do any lifting for the next 7 days and no carrying of my baby boy which is no fun a she loves having hsibed-time cuddle while being carried up satirs by me so me and hubbie have had a change in bed-time rolls and I get to have the story and cuddles down-stairs under the quilt and daddy does the cuddle upstairs and has the fight to get him to sleep at night. I am to also take 2 paracetamol 4 times a day and they also prescribed me Dihydocoden for the pain I have in my lung area. Seems very over the top to me and I didn't cash that prescription as I am going to see if what happens if I just alternate between paracetamol and Ibrufen as I am OK taking Ibrufen. The last time I was thi sbad with the asthma was 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my baby and that issue is not the case thsi time as I am not pregnant. The fun of brittle asthma I never thought I would be in this situation again as I never thought in a million years I would have this happen again to me. Sorry about the rant I am just so depressed and I can't take the happy pill so will have to re-start my alternative theraphy next week for the depression

  • Oh dear I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling so down. It's understandable that you've just had enough of these problems. But try to see the positive side of what happened today - your gp is being really proactive & organising a referral and further tests for you, and you now have a plan of where to go from here (and crucially, what to do if you feel worse). So she is obviously determined to get you well again - that's good.

    Also, bear in mind it's been a terrible winter and lots of people are finding infections hanging about for weeks/months. I expect having a bad infection has depleted your energy & immune system & made you more susceptible to asthma symptoms too. Antibiotics & steroids don't help our moods either, and give you other side effects, but if you need them then there's no alternative but to take them. It can be so hard to see the light at the end of it all sometimes can't it?

    I know it's easy for others to say this but try and take the long view & be optimistic that you will get sorted & well again before too long. It's upsetting to have to change your little boy's bedtime routine etc but is only temporary until you feel strong again. Just take one day at a time & do whatever's necessary to get back to your best. Spring is here now, and hopefully it won't be long before you get your appointment at the hospital and can get to the bottom of your problems & start enjoying life again x

  • Oh Polly Thnak you for your reply. I do feel a lot better today but I'm not sure fi that is down to the preds starting ot do there job or if it is down to the pain killers. I got the stronger [pain-killers this morning and I have so far only taken 1 but the pain is so much easier already but then the pain eased off after about half an hour of taking the stronger painkiller so I guess it is down to that. Hubbie took baby this morning so I could do a college course that was only 2 hours and really enjoyed it. Got 2 weeks off because fo easter but as soon as it is back on again after easter holis I will be going back. I am doing a course that is recognised as 1 GCSE and is called story sacks. I have decided to do 10 in the bed as my sack adn the finsihed piece is goin got be 2nd prize in the raffle in May as I already have 10 in the bed as a story sack at home and my 3 and the children I used to child-mild loved it.

    I am wrapping myself up in the organisation of the fund-raising day at school for here and also in the story sack which will hopefully keep me busy and keep my mind of the asthma for a bit and of-course coming onhere as to offer my support to whoever I can offer support too.

    Hope everyone else is better and are having good times with the asthma and it's not giving you to much hassle and if it is you can get it sorted quick and fast. Positive thinking and thoughts to you all.

  • @Asthma family, glad doc gave you pred and antibiotics. Should start to work within 24-48 hours. Looking at your peakflows and the amount of ventolin you're using Seretide would be a better and worthwhile option to try. Not only does it contain the st

  • Hope you feel better soon, I'm on red Unhappy pills too (for a week to start), hope I sleep tonight, dreading it. Got work tomorrow and I'm on my own and a long way to drive. Managed today ok

    Take care


  • OK so preds finished yesterday and still have really bad time with asthma. I couldn't even manage half a mile walk this morning and peak-flow is no higher than 350 and the lowest has been 290. I have given up recording my peak flow as it just makes me feel so horrid. I can't sleep as laying down makes it hard to breathe. So I am seeing the doctor again in the morning at 9:10 and hopefully this time will be a change in inhalers or at least this is what I am going ot demand. I am going ot demand they change the inahlers to the 250 Sertide they mentioned last week and see if that helps any. I am drinking like a fish, literal today I have taken in 4 litres of water and I don't know where I am putting it all. I just seem to be drying out so quickly because of the way I am breathing. My rib cage feels like it is on fire and my lunbgs feel like I have been punched really hard in them. Something is not right I just hope tomorrow they will sort it out. I can't this anymore

  • Hope you feel much better soon, I'm fed up too. I've been given more pred supposed to start reducing dose if well tomorrow. FAT CHANCE!Up all night and feel like the walking dead.It has to get better than this. My doc on hols yet again so saw different one, said peak flow ok same as 2004, so what!!!.I'm on 4 puffs Qvar 100 twice daily, 4 puffs ventolin 4 hourly and 40mg pred and I'm going to see if I can start seretide instead of qvar.Need something to keep airways open longer.Sorry I'm in a right old grump.

    Hope you get some answers

    Kate x

  • Rattles you not a grump at all. Doctors put me on the green inhaler. 25mg 2 puffs twice a day and she is going ot see me back in 7 days to see if that does anything. Peakflow was only 320 at doctors. Funny enough they asked me if I was due my monthly which was due 2 weeks ago and they asked me what mny fluid intake is like. When I told them what I am drinking they decided to do a diabetics test in surgery which I passed, I'm not diabetic but they also did a pregnancy test which had a very faint positive lne but I can't be pregnant. Hubbie has had the snip so there is no way I am pregnant. They are going to do a repeat pregnancy test next week as well just to be on the safe side but if I am pregnant thsi will explain the asthma flare up at the moment but it will be the worst shock ever. We don't want more children we have enough to deal with the 3 treasures already but I already know we wont do anything about it if somehow I am pregnant. Taking folic acid aswell as instucted by GP but I am hoping with everything I can that yesterday was false and I am not pregnant. If I am I want answers I want to know how this has happened. I know hubbie had the snip as I was the one who did the dressings for a few days it is so ard and I am going ot have to try my hardest not to let the stress of this get on top of me. Boy if not's one thing it's another. Life is such a mess and so complicated

  • You poor love. I've had 5 pregnancies but only 2 went full term. I'm not allowed to get pregnant as my hubbies on immunosuppressants (2 types) for crohns, which will deform the baby, they are supposed to make him infertile but we have never risked it as had 5 pregnancies in 4 years. Also eldest has similar health problems to hubby and youngest has my asthma, just can't face inflicting our dodgy genes on another child. Just got to go, school phoned and eldest has problems with stomach again. As you said if it's not one thing it's another!What a fun packed life we lead!!

    Take care and let us know how it goes, I had a few tests with faint lines but wasn't pregnant in the end.

    Kate x

  • Hi asthma Family;

    Just wanted to let you know, you arent the only one having a blue time! I have been crying lots this week the stress really seems to have got to me. It has been one thing after another all week.

    I have been battling so much at once and then i just suddenly crashed and couldnt take any more!

    I have spoken to my resp nurse about it all and she says it what comes of being quite ill and your body trying to recover itself. She has told me to try and see a friend a day or to go for a short drive just to keep me boosted up.

    It is hard as just walking to the car gets me really breathless. Keep battling in there both asthma family and rattles and i am happy to talk to either of you on this thread or by pm.


  • Oh Plumie, you have had such an aweful time lately, what with the nightmare of moving.

    I was upset when I read you couldn't sing in Church, I'm hoping to get there on Sunday, missed it last week because of early AM drama. Hubbie is on the sound desk so hoping to join him along with my reluctant boys (but said they will go as it's Easter!!)

    It really gets you down, I had a morning out thinking I felt better but I've over done it, been tearful and super grumpy. My asthma has not been like this since I was 7, bit of a shock. Got work tomorrow but think I will only do half a day. I work loads of extra day usually anyway. I always work over hours in case my boys are ill, but it will help me out this time! Off work for 10 days on holiday, wish I felt better.

    Feel free to pm me if you want to chat

    Take care

    Kate x

  • Oh Kate that is so reasuring. I have never had a false faint line and I am still playing the waiting game. It am know according to my hubbies working out which is what we have always gone by as seems to remember better than me of dates and stuff 10 days late. I have had 5 pregnancies and only 3 of them ended successfully so the first 3 months are always denial stage for me as I am petrofried of lossing a baby. Although if today is anythign to go sadly the faint line is true. I have had a day of sickness and certain smells also set me off. So far I have 4 signs out of my normal 6 so it doesn't look good where I am sitting. Itr will be what it is no matter what and which ever way it goes I will be happy so I will just have to wait as only time will tell for true what the outcome is

  • Hi Asthma Family, hope you find out soon. At least you will know either way.I had 4 pregnancies whilst on the pill so I must be one of the 1% it doesn't work for. My eldest wasn't planned for, my youngest was but he and his brother are the best thing that ever happened to us. It's really hard being the only female in the house as the are getting older. Went to the Motor Museum for my Birthday two weeks ago (says it all really!) but had a fab day and everyone enjoyed it,

    Know what you mean about telling signs of being pregnant, never had any signs of feeling pregnant with the ones I lost but really strong with the boys, weird I know.

    Take care and let us know how you get on


  • OK so just got back from hospital I collapsed at the park this morning very scarey and my poor kids are very paniced and petrofied by it all. I felt full of energy was OK eating breakfast and then when the kids asked if we could go to the park and play ball games then go on the park and have a picnic I was so up for it. Made the picnic and packed it all up under the pushchair and off we went then all I remember was a thunder bolt going through my chest and then waking up with a paramedic standing over me with oxegen on. They did bloods and urine and did pregnancy on both and both came up again positive but on just on the increased side so they are not sure. They did a scan anyway and because I will only be about 5 weeks couldn't see anything conclusive but things ar elooking to be that I am pregnant. Although I had this with the 2 that I lost so I am not banking on it until I have another scan in 3 weeks if no bleeding. Doctors are very concerned though because they don't like you being on the green inhaler in the first trimester but the asthma is improving so much I am able to do more with the children which feels so amazing. I will let you know how things go next week at the doctors and what the next test says. For some reason I am excited about the thought of being pregnnat again but I am also petrofied of lossing the baby if I am. Very wierd feeling and on top of that there is the feeling that I will end up with another sick child but then if I am this child could be the one that is normal in the eyes of medical texted books

  • asthma family,

    sorry your not to well as you were having a good day out with your family.

    Hope all turns out with your pregnancy.

    I was having a lovely day and asthma crashed in afternoom.

    Take care and rest up when you can xxxxx

  • Arhh thanks Glynis hubbie keeps saying positive thinkin gbut it's easy fo rhim to do he's not the one who has to go through the whole ordeal of the pregnancy and being in and out of hospital. He is loving the idea of maybe having another baby but deep down I know he is thinking the same way as me. I know which out-come will be best but with out luck it wont go that way. This will be the third pregnancy where we have beat the odds if it ends up that I am pregnant. Can't help but hope that todays results are just an increase in levels due to bleed being around the corner but deep down I already know that is not the answer and it is increased because I have a life form growing inside me. That is the only resonable answer for the sickness, uncontrolled asthma, hot-flushers and late bleed. Ooh and on top of that tiredness, bloating, heartburn, mood-swings and tenderness.

  • Doctors are so pleased witht he way my asthma has improved over this past week. They want me to continue with the new inhaler and the stronger dose on the brown inhaler and they will see me back in 4 weeks for a review. Re-peat pregnancy test came back negative this time which is good in a way as I am know bleeding very heavily and have horrid stomach cramps so if todays repeat test was positive then this would mean another angel baby. I was very upset when I saw a negative which felt very wierd as this for me is the best result but I guess I secretly was looking forward to the whole pregnancy up and downs again but I got the result that is best for my family right know.

    Hope everyone else is on an up with their asthma and that you all enjoyed easter.

  • Hi Asthma Family, sorry to hear you have had such a dreadful week. It's heartbreaking when you just get used to the idea of another baby and it's snatched from you.I know I will never be able to have any more, but love the ones I have and I'm so grateful. What a shock in the park too! I've been a bit out of it. I'm feel very faint at the mo, been told it's lack of oxygen. I'm on 4 puffs Fostair am and pm and pred and about 20 puffs blue inhaler. I've managed small walks but thats about it.Taking the boys to the beach tomorrow, hubbys coming too, will just take it easy but need to get out and live.Have to pack the neb with us and a picnic.

    Take care

    Kate x

  • Thanks Kate. Ended up going ot the hospital again last night but this time it wasn't the asthma it was the stomch cramps they got really bad. They did a scan and found I had a partial miscarriage but it looks like nature has taken course and the rest has come away natural so no D&C needed. It is so heart-braking they have taken samples to do tets on again just got to play the waiting game know for the results. Thankfully my 3 cherubs are keeping my mind busy so I don't have that much time to dwell of what could of been. Hopefully this will never happen again but it goes to show that not even the snip works fully. Hubbie has to have tests as well and hopefully this was just one of those times when a sneeky little determined one got past and nothing else.

  • Hi, glad you are ok, the cramps from a miscarriage are worse than labour to me, gave birth to both my boys without pain relief. Glad you are getting things checked. My Hubbie is supposed to be infertile because of 2 types of immunosupressant but we never rely on that! In time it will get easier, but it was hard as I knew I'd never have another. I miscarried my last baby on 9/11 2001, not a date easily forgotten by anyone. It just wasn't meant to be and I'm so lucky I have children.If there was something seriously wrong, it was for the best as we have more than enough to cope with but it's still tough going through it.

    Take care of yourself, if you can do something special just for you

    Kate x

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