Charity Auction on September 10th

Hello Everyone. Just thought I would let you all now that on September 10th over at we are holding a 10 day auction and all proceeds will be donated to Asthma UK.

At the moment we only have a flame design inhaler case which can carry a accuhaler and the salamol easi-breath but there will be more added once my card reader is working. There will also be 3 different gift wrapped BAG-PUSS gift baskets, a HELLO KITTY gift set, DVD's, CD's, Children's toys and a few DESIGNER girl outfits. Come along and keep checking what we add running up to the auction and spread the word with all your friends and family on facebook.

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  • is this our prior warning to save our pennies <g>

    Geina x

  • You could say that. But it was mainly my way of getting the word out to other people that aren't fan's yet of medication bags, cases and coverings

  • and if you are on facebook and not a fan, go and see her fantastic work!

  • Oh Wheezeybouncer thank you. You have just put a smile on my face. But not to sound big headed are anything but I must agree. I love doing the items I get orders for and the more the merrier once I open for business again but I am happy to talk about items you would like and get the stock in to make the items before I open for business again. Business is closed due to Son being in hospital

  • hope your little one gets sprung sooner rather than later!

    when i've some spare pennies i may just have to get you to make me a bag. bigger than your usual cause i want to carry more than just my inhaler in it. my beloved JJB has died :( and all my bags are just so big that i use them as nappy bags!

    geina x

  • OK Thank you. Just let me know the measurements and the fabric you would like and I can start getting to design sorted for you.

    He's home now but for how long I don't know. I had to wak him earlier for food as his sugar levels was dropping but he went staright back to bed and is back to sleep which isn't him at all. I think a phone call back tot he ward is in call as I am not happy with the way he is

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