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Are you doing anything for world asthma day?

I am going to speak to the head-teacher tonight about doing a fun day on world asthma day to educate the children and staff on asthma. The idea's I have for the day are:

What's my name? - leapard teddy that will be wearing a green top that the children can win if they get the leapards name right. They have to pay 10p per guess.

Asthma awareness poster competition - Key-stage 1 just colour in a poster I design and key-stage 2 have to design there own posters and 1 child per class will win a prize for the best poster that raises awareness to asthma

Come to school wearing something green or purple and they pay 50p to wear no-uniform and finally a raffle £1 a stripe

I'm also going ot fin dout if the school nurse would be able to come in for a morning or afternoon and do a talk about asthma and what the children can do if they see one of there friedns having an asthma attack. All money raised will come here to asthma UK

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I had an email today from asthma uk scotland and I am hopefully going to be helping out ion the stand they are ding in a shopping centre for putting asthma in the limelight which covers the week of world asthma day. I jsut hope my shifts allow me to do it.



never heard of it, when is it?


It runs from 1-9th of may it's called putting asthma in the lime light but the 5th is the main big world asthma day. Back in 2008 it was called wrong trousers day and at the school my Ryan attended back then we did a wrong trousers fiund-raising event. The children paid 50p to wear none-uniform trousers or there PJ trousers. Was an amzing day and the kids loved having a day full of fun and didn't even notice that they were really learn about there respiratory system and how the ears, nose, and throat are all connected together and found who in there class had asthma and what asthma was and how it can make people really ill


Yeah I go tmy lime light fiundraising pack yesterday and just finished going through and reading it and I can't wait to get the balls in motion fully know. I have emailed quiet a lot of companies asking for donations and explaining what the donatiosn is for, what Asthm UK is and how they help people. So far I have had 6 replies asking me for more details on what events I am running so they can give donations for those events. I was amazed with 2 of them as they where game and gamestation and build-a-bear gave me details on who to contact for a donation from them. So far everythign looks like it is going ot be one fun day I have ot speak with the head-teacher again and show her the pack on Monday as I am going ot find out about making a display that gets left in the schools reception area for the whole of the second part of the spring half term and all of the summer term so that parents, visit's and other people that com einto the school can see the way school support there children and continue withthe rasing awareness to asthma. Also got to educate my son's class teachers on his asthma we are getting a nebuliser for him that he has to have 3 times a day and 1 of those is going ot have to be dueing school time


I think it's on the 4th May (Tuesday), not the 5th May? It was the 5th May last year.


I just got my fundraising pack through for putting asthma in the limelight. Got lots of ideas.

A little embaressed though as my photo is both on the AUK website and back of the fundraising pack when i did a bucket collection for putting asthma in the lime light from last year!!!!



YES,doing a buckett collection this year just need date confirmed is it the 4th or 5th may ?

yes 5 th may main day ,and 1-9 the week


I have been given the 4th May as the day at school. Know I have the date cnfirmed by the head I am getting so excited and very eagar to start getting letters sent out and hopefully watch the replies for donations come rolling in. I know sounds very wierd to be getting excited but I am so looking forward to educating the children and staff n what asthma is and how it affects so many people and find out how much they know about asthma already.


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