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Can't sleep again

Been a while since I was last on this site(can't remember my email password for old account hence the '1'

Doc took me off all my asthma meds since I had 'grown' out of it about a year ago. Last week I picked up a chest infection which is where things went down hill. Was quite ba for a few days and then strted getting wheezy again so poped up to the emergency doctor (11pm in bed sounding like darth vador pushed me over te edge finialy) he gave my chest a listen to and gave me a blue inhaler, a weeks supply of amoxicilin and put me on 7 10mg press a day for a week. This went on for about 2 days till 1/2 way though my shift at Tesco(advising on tvs and such - stood up walking around all the time etc) manager said that I'm fine etc even though I was usin my inhaler quite often as I was just wheezing. Ended up walking to the far side of the store for a customer and I coughed and it felt like my kidney popped. Was a horrid pain and my manager saw this happen and finialy realised I shouldn't be in work. Back to the emergency doctor who gave me a few more preds to lad till I can get to my doctor and told me he thinks iv torn a muscle near my ribs which caused the pain. Went to the doctor on Monday who put me upto 10 preds a day and changed my antibiotics as he thinks the amoxicillin wasn working for me this time. Well the wheezing seems to have calmed down but still flairs up at night like now and my kidney still hurts most of the time :/ keep getting cramp in my leg aswell which ain't fun and the going freezing > boiling is getting a tad bit on my nerves now. Supposed to be going back to work today ( only work weekends) but I just feel so drained all the time ATM with lack of sleep etc. Thinking of trying to get in at te doctors tomorrow but I don't know if he will do anything as the wheezings alot better then it was and does seem to be ok most of the day ( peek flow starts the day around 280/300 and goes as high as 360 in the afternoon then starts to drop down again) then again I have been resting at home most o the time. Went out for a walk round town today and I didn't really agree with me - coughing and wheezing again, so just abit worried that if I go into work feeling fine and being on my feet all day makes it worse :/ already in the bad books with em cos I couldn't do my overtime this week or go to a conference (doctors orders since he had just increased the pred and changed antibiotics)

Sorry for the long long post but I cant sleep from wheezing and kidney pain, constant thirst , worry about work ><

O and any spelling mistakes etc I blame trying to type this on a iphone in bed :p

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Hope you start feeling better soon.Try some soft music to help sleep and take mind of the pain. Love Glynis x


Gosh, you are having bad time of it aren't you, you poor thing.

I do hope you start to feel better soon


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