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Hard time GOING to sleep?

I just spend one of those nights when you go to bed - and notice that you're having hard time with your asthma. well, I went to get extra reliever. And then some more. And then I let the cold air come in through the door to improve the air quality. And got more pillows and blankets to hold me in the only possition I could lay on. And then got a pain killer. Finally, after two and half hours, I was able to fall asleep. And then I slept well all the way untill the morning when I was to wake up. -yawn-

I just started to wonder that this is a kind of reverese situation compared to what I've been taught concerning asthma. Most people would wake up during the night or early morning, I think. But anyone here knows what it meens to have hard time BEFORE going to sleep - and not in the morning? Any experiences? Have a nice day everyone -with little asthma and lots of life! :)

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Hello Niccia

Sorry to hear that you found it hard to get to sleep last night; As I am sure you will soon hear from lots of us ""Asthma insomniacs"" answering your question and comments I will not make this long.

Most Asthmatics at one time or another will spend long nights trying to get ""Settled and/or Stable"" enough to get a decent night sleep. For many reasons night-times are worse for us, but the most important thing that I can tell you is not to worry about not sleeping, ( I know this can be very hard ) But the most important thing is that your asthma is controlled and that you get comfortable in your bed ( I have been known to have 8 pillows carrying me off to sleep ).

I am a ""professional"" Asthma Insomniac, So I can reassure you that there are probably as many Asthmatics that cannot go to sleep due to their Asthma as those than are waking up early needing their meds.

Nights awake can seem worse because due to the nature of nights... everyone else is asleep so you find yourself alone, but please do not obsess about it, get used to keeping a book by your bedside or listen to so nice music and always have your meds by your side and all will be OK.

I hope this has been of some help and wishing you a lovely LONG night sleep tonight!

Love and big hugs from the Orkney Islands



Funnily enough this was one of the main symptoms for me. Night after night, the minute I lay down I was struggling for breath, it was awful. Now I have the inhalers and things are under control it has all but gone, thankfully. I woke up a bit breathless this morning but that's not the norm for me.

Hope you can soon find what works best for you and can get a good night's kip.



hi Niccia,

welcome! Although the ""classic"" pattern of variability in asthma is one of early morning waking with symptoms and decreased peak flow, any pattern is possible. Some people have little change in their symptoms or PF throughout the day, some people have trouble for a whole day and are fine the next, and really any pattern can happen.

Another ""classic"" pattern is ""double dipping"" where you are worse last thing at night, get better and go to sleep, then are worse AGAIN first thing in the morning! Usually I am a morning dipper (with a vengeance - PF often 180 in the morning and 420 by lunchtime!) but if I am getting a bit more unwell or getting over an exacerbation, then I tend to double dip for a while, having a dip in the evening that's just like my morning one. No reason why you shouldnt have the evening one without the morning one either!

It's pretty frustrating, I hope your evening dip is not so bad today! If it carries on being troublesome it would be worth checking with your doctor in case they can change your medication to help you last thing at night. I am stuck with my morning dip as am on pretty maximal meds anyway, but most people still have a fair bit of ""room to play with"".

Wishing you a good night's sleep tonight!




hi its groovy chick here i have got an idea if any of you have trouble sleeping at night a few tips try a hot drink and a bath and have a new warm dovet works wonders and a hot waterbottle for thoes cold nights try it it might help if not see your doctor from groovy chick


I agree with EJ! There are definitely days where my 'dip' varies. I usually dip sometime between 3 and 6am but often have an evening dip around 10 or 11pm which can make it hard to get to sleep! Other than long term steroids I'm on pretty much the maximum treatment and I have got used to managing my dips and trying to make myself confortable even if I can't settle because of my chest. I have lots of pillows and try to read or watch a dvd until I'm able to sleep. It doesn't really help that I have insomnia too, those nights can seem so long when I'm having a rough time with my asthma too!


just thought i would have a genral moan bout not getting to sleep tonight. Touch lots of wood my asthma has been fine over the past couple of days i just can not for the life of me fall to sleep and the more i try and go to sleep the more i start thinking of things not anything in genral just silly things. So i thought i would have a nosey on in and see whats going on in the internet world. sorry bout babble but i thought it might help so sorry if your reading this now it probbably does not make for very intresting read. Why is it some nights your bed is so inviting your head is not even on your 6-10 pillows and your gone other nights your so tired fall into bed then watch the clock go round hour by hour. Read a book put it down wake up then watch a dvd get into it so still wake up. Iknow it sounds silly but i think everyone can say we have all been there. Take care xxxx and nite nite i hope xx


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