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Good Meal Recipes?

I have this funny problem of needing to avoid preparing food that smells. I mean, things such as fried meat or fish smell delicious but they still make me loose my breath and cough - I mean, if someone prepares it for me in an other house than mine, I can eat it very well. It's just the smell that is produced during the preparation that causes me problems.

So, if someone else has similar problems (=not so much related to food allergies but rather to the level of the smell the meal produces when being prepared) maybe we could share good ideas and recipes here? :)

Here are my tips:

One easy way to avoid frying is preparing pasta and its sauce in the same kettle (against all the ways it 'should' be done, I'm sure ;) ). This is how you can do it: Cook pasta normally, and when ready, add in vegetables such as tomatoes, sweet peppers, nuts, and ready-to-eat meat like sausage or ham, and warm it up, with maybe some tomato-sauce or cream cheese type sauce. This won't take a long time and nothing will be really ""fried"" so there won't be a real 'smell'. And you can easily put in things that you like and are not allergic to.

I also found a new (here) rice by Uncle Ben's, that takes only 5 minutes to cook. As I used to have problems with all the more long-cooking rices, I'm happy to be able to prepare rice once again without feeling awful afterwards. I just hated coughing and panting for hours after cooking rice... it just wasn't worth of it. So now I rejoice :)

Any other good ideas/ recipes to try? :)


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