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New DLA forms


I have claimed successfully twice in the past, and each time been awarded both care and mobility for 3 years. However, the time for renewal has come and I don't know how to complete the new forms.

In the past it would ask you a question, and then ask how often you needed help, how long for at each time, and on how many days a week. Now this last question is omitted - it simply asks how long for and how many times. As asthma is such a changeable condition I don't know how to complete this - it isn't true that every day is the same, and I also think it would be unrepresentative to complete the form as though every day was my very worst.

How have other people managed?


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I have always been advised to complete as if ""it was my worse day."" DIAL UK, they have offices nationwide and contact details can be found on the internet, are very good at advising people about these forms. Whilst waiting times for appointments can be several weeks they also can fill out these forms on your behalf, as they have specially trained people. Hope this information is useful.

Personally think DLA Forms are daft as no one suffering any kind of condition can be put in a box and labelled. And since the form is meant for people with a variety of conditions, it is impossible that such a form cover every aspect of disability and illness. The form would be better if people were given the opportunity to explain their disability/illness and opposed to answering specific questions which may not apply!


hi carrie

I agree with katina. I have recently been on the receiving end of a rejected application due to not filling it in on the information from my very worst day. I have since reapplied and i am awaiting their decision. This time dial-uk helped me fill in the form on what i can and cannot do on my worst day.

Good luck with the application.

Lv kat Xx


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