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Pollen Calendar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought this might help people identify which pollens and when they are affecting us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pollen calendar

Your species guide to the main periods of pollen release

Pollen and spores from many types of plant can trigger the allergic reactions of hayfever. The typical symptoms are frequent sneezing, runny nose and eyes, itchy eyes and mouth, and perhaps headache, earache and blocked nose.

People tend to think that hayfever occurs in peak summer months but for some sufferers hayfever starts as early as January and lasts through to the autumn. Sometimes people do not realise that their symptoms are caused by pollen. Each year the pollen and spore seasons follow the same general pattern. If you find that you get symptoms seasonally they could be due to pollen or spores. It is useful to compare when the symptoms appear with the times that the different pollen and spores are in the air.

In the last few years the weather in the United Kingdom has been much warmer than the long term average so the flowering times for many plants have altered. For example, Birch trees have flowered several weeks earlier in the last few years than they did several decades ago. This calendar gives you up to date information based on the pollen monitoring records over recent years from the sites of the National Pollen Network.

The Grass Pollen Forecast is sponsored by Zirtek, and is available from from mid-May to the end of July. All their other information is available throughout the year.


Widespread tree releasing its pollen, often in large quantities, in February and early March

Poplar pollen is present in the air in mid-March mainly in small amounts, in Southern and central England.

Elm pollen is released in England and Wales this month but not until April in Scotland.

Large quantities of yew pollen become airborne but it is less allergenic than many other types. Released in April in Scotland.

April May

Widespread tree releasing pollen in large amounts from late March until early April in England and Wales, later in Scotland.

Pollen release starts late April or May in the south and about three weeks later in the North. High counts of oak pollen are often recorded.

Planted mainly in urban areas, high pollen counts occur in London, particularly. Largely absent from Scotland.

A local problem as horse chestnut pollen counts can be very high close to the trees.

April is the main month but ash pollen is sometimes released during march in England and Wales.

Only low amounts of pollen get airborne. However pollen and volatiles can be a problem close to the crop. Flowers April to June.

Usually present in small amounts, this pollen is around from mid-March through to May in the North of Britain.

Mainly occurring in England. Counts can be high close to the trees. Flowers in April in some years.

June July

June is usually the worst month for hayfever sufferers in England and Wales. Pollen counts are high on warm dry days.

July is the worst month for all hayfever sufferers in Scotland, while the later flowering grass species can give high pollen counts in England and Wales.

Counts are usually low but the pollen is released throughout the summer in all regions.

The small pollen grains are often releases in large amounts from late June to mid-August in all regions.

Scotland has the highest counts, elsewhere the pollen is released earlier but in lower amounts.

These trees are mainly found in England. pollen counts can be high close to the trees.

Not a widespread tree. Pollen counts can be high close to the trees. Flowers during July in Scotland.

Low pollen counts all summer, peaking this month. Occurs in all regions.

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Thanks-very helpfull

Thanks Bowmei

It annoys me that so many people think pollen just occurs in April and May.

My biggest issue is tree pollen - hence the fact that I am now sneezing for England and patiently waiting for my asthma to notice!!

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Yes i suffer from all pollen allergies, it make me feel low it can happen all year round.


A picture ( graph ) is worth a thousand words Summer_Pollen_Calendar.aspx


thank you so much for posting that info louise

here was me thinking i had a bit of a cold as well, just realised and remembered that tree pollen at this time of the year is one of my worst ones!!!!

let's hope the asthma doesn't realise what is happening!!!

sandra xxx



Pollen season started TODAY for me. Ive been sneezing and wheezing all day long. Itchy eyes, runny nose, post nasal drip, blah. And the funny thing is that it was SNOWING this morning, but it has been nice hte past 3 weeks, and it just keeps getting warmer and warmer.

I heard that it is going to be a really bad year for pollen allergies this year, but in the US that is... And so i see. I am not enjoying it!!!!!!


So my nose isn't being wierd then!

That's good 2 know....I was beginning 2 wonder 4 a minute there.


thank you so much for posting that info louise

here was me thinking i had a bit of a cold as well, just realised and remembered that tree pollen at this time of the year is one of my worst ones also people cutting there grass is another bad on for me

my hayfever usually starts about feb time when the flowers start to grow

let's hope the asthma doesn't realise what is happening!!!


Newspaper Daily mail sometime in previous week. prior to mothers day. Re Pollen

More peeps are allergic to Cat 's as the allergens the fur produce are very small size and may get further into peeps lungs, and thus be the cause of more peeps reacting.. On the subject of grass Pollen the same article suggested that, the Grass in england is not likely to be a cause of hay fever, as it tends not to get to the flower stage, it gets cut and or does not flower untill much much taller. What peeps May be allergic to, and research is on going in this area, Is that the chemicals released when it is cut/decaying is probably the thing peeps are reacting to..



I was interested to read recently with both Cats and dogs it is also possible to be allergic to their saliva which is vert sticky and gives off chemicals. It sticks to walls, upholstery all sorts! So it is not always the fur or dander!



Sticky.? Sticky, its like superglue gone mad. In fact I had to change the door to my bedroom, where my last dear departed pet used to nudge her way into after mouthing the door open. But then maybe being sticky has a purpose when you think of the places they lick.. the dog bowl. The cat bowl, Your bowl. The floor, the babys bib, the highchair. even in dire emergencies the baby itself.. I think dogs were given the wrong name they should be called housepig. Its like the stickyness is designed to gather up even the patterns from under the glaze...

Off to work, where I'm the only dog... All the rest are pussy cats..


pollen calander

Thanks Bowmei

I will keep a note of the information.

surprised you didn't mention oil seed rape as that is a big problem for me.

Air conditioning as standard is now fitted to lots of cars and I find it great - I don't have any problems when driving - even past a field of the stuff.


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