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Stupid question time!

Ok need to pick peoples brains and apologies in advance for the length this may end up at!

My mum is 76 and suffers from COPD and arthritis! Last year in late August early September my mum was rushed to hospital with a chest and urine infection and the same has happened this year! My youngest sister still lives at home with mum and cares for her all year apart from this two weeks while they go on holiday. They tried to get mum into some respite care this year but social services, in their wisdom, said mum didn't have sufficient needs for it! Eldest sister (i'm the middle one) is now doing her rant and rave act that it only ever happens when youngest sis is on holiday and there must be some connection and that mum obviously cannot look after herself. I might add here that eldest sister only turns up at mums on high days and holidays and then stands and basically looks down her nose at them because the house is untidy (good job she doesn't come to mine at any time).

My husband has COPD and i have asthma and we have both been quite wheezy and chesty this last couple of weeks after a relatively stable spell for us both. My theory now is that this downturn in health is as a result of the changeable weather we have been having, this has been backed up today by the fact my grandaughter has also got a nasty chest infection and this in turn has aggravated her asthma which is usually not a huge problem.

Does anyone else on here find that the changeable weather at this time of year can affect their asthma and COPD? Should add here that mum did smoke 20-30 a day for many years but in the last year has actually managed to reduce that to about 3-4 a day and the damage that is already there will no doubt not go away.

I have suggested to youngest sister that when she gets home it might be an idea for a thorough gp check up and enquiries to see if oxygen and a nebuliser at home might benefit. The house is already well adapted for mum with a stair lift, wet room and walking aids supplied and mum is quite happy with all that. She still goes out at least twice a week shopping and a couple of times to bingo so not one to sit on her backside and whinge!!!!


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