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Advice for newly diagonsed, recovering from life-threatening attack & 4 days in hospital

I was wondering if anyone could offer any comments about recovering from a ""life-threatening exacerbation of asthma"" - that was the scary phrase in my hospital notes! Two weeks ago on Tuesday i was admitted via A&E, having only been diagnosed with asthma the week before following a chest infection.

I was one hour from ventilation at one point - the specialist said ""we've given you all we can, if there is no improvement in an hour, we will need to take over breathing for you to rest your lungs"".

I was eventually discharged on the Saturday after a few days of oxygen, nebulisers, prednisolone and antibiotics (only just finished those now!) I'm finding that recovery is very slow... I don't know what a good peak flow reading for a 37 yr old female is but I've had 440 on good days.

Yesterday, I had a bad day and night... mucus back in the lungs again and peak flow down to 200. I was scared. Today, I'm much improved and I actually think it might have been because I went to see a counsellor yesterday to talk over what happened. I feel as though I have turned a corner mentally and emotionally... I'm able to put it behind me ... but I am a bit worried about how long it's taking the physical symptoms to go.

Does anyone have any experience that might give me an idea as to how long it will take to stabilise? I'd be very grateful for your views as I'm starting to feel a bit of an invalid. Thanks in anticipation.

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Sorry to hear you've been so ill!!! You must have been really scared!

As far as peak flow readings go it all depends on your height and size. I'm relitively short (5ft) and I've never got my peak flow over 400. So I guess it would be something to discuss with your gp/consultunt?

It'll take a while to get used to your diagnosis and lifestyle change but you will get there....just try and get as much support from friends and family as possible!!

Hope your okay!




Sorry to hear about that, it can take weeks to recover fully from a ""routine"" if there is such a thing! attack and a lot lot longer to get over a v serious attack, personally I feel like ive been hit by a bus once ive recovered from the attack itself and have to take it v easy for quite some time.

Just go with what your body is telling you and dont expect too much too soon, an attack is an enormous strain on the body and it does take time to full heel, but do discuss it with your cons/gp/nurse as they are the best people to work out a plan for you.

Hope you feel better soon!




Thank you both for your replies... I guess I'm going to just have to be patient... something I'm not usually good at!


patience isnt something that im gud at either! Lol! Its frustrating irritating and u sometimes feel old before ur time but i promise u do get some normality back. I was off wrk 6months last yr and tho it was slow going i got back to wrk at the end of the yr. This yr has been rubbish again and ive been off since feb doesnt look like i will b well enough to go back anytime soon either. I really do understand ur frustration and anger at the situation but wen i look over this yr im much better than i was its just very slow progress. Keep goin and feel free to message me if u need someone to talk to. Asthma can sometimes b horrid to deal wit and its situations like this that are one of the worst parts of it all.

Take care n take it easy. Lotsa lv Kat Xxx


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