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Sinusitis and Chest :o(

I was diagnosed with Asthma during the summer so this is my first winter since being diagnosed. To cut a long story short I've got a very stubborn case of sinusitus (been on and off since mid Nov) that I'm now on my 4th course of antibiotics for.

Things have gone down to my chest with this latest flare up and I'm in quite a mess. I'm using the blue inhaler which helps to relieve the tightness and coughing but I'm wondering if it is common for these things to spread to the chest as this seems to happen every winter with me...

I'm hoping the latest set of antibiotics will clear all up and I can start getting back to normal.

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Hi, I am sorry you are suffering like this. I too seem to have constant sinus infection which then goes straight to my chest. This is going to sound gross but I can feel the gunk going downwards! I get anti-bio's & then when they run out after a couple of days its all back again! I can relate to what you are going through & dont really know what the answer is for it! Take care.



I get the same cycle, except its always chest infections, I get a cold or flu, goes to my chest and then its a round of bronchitis, pneumonia and then weeks of anti-bios and the rest of it and then after a few days rest, starts all over again and again...

The winter is the worst, everyone seems to have viral things and we end up with complications as a result.


Thanks guys,

In an odd way its good to know I'm not the only one who gets this.

At least this year I know I have asthma this year and have the blue inhaler so at least I don't feel like I'm going to break a rib coughing :o)


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