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Forum and website changes - Asthma UK and moderator message - please read! *update added*

The Asthma UK website and forum boards are being redeveloped due to a website/IT services provider change with the re-launch on April 18. Work will start this Friday 13th to ensure all content is moved over in preparation. So, unfortunately this means all parts of the current website with interaction such as the forums will shut down for four days. Your web accounts will also be ported over, as will all existing forum threads. 

TJ (moderator)

On behalf of Webeditor, Cathbear and Peaksteve

Edit to add: This work is the first step to making sure the forum meets all of your needs and continues to be a welcoming space. Please email if you require any further information. Thanks for your patience!

Also, before posting a new topic, please use the search box to the bottom right of the screen below the forum list.

Please consider the terms and conditions too including

*post your message under the relevant thread

*use only one account to access these message boards

*read your posts before submitting them to the forum considering the variation in protocols for managing asthma, avoid using “text speak”, be sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others and maintain respect for other people

not to:

*send multiple copies of the same private message,

*post messages advertising commercial products/services, asking for research or emergency medical advice

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Thank you ,read it x

Okey dokey, thanks for the prior warning :-)

Thanks for this information

Just realised Friday 13 th.Hope no Gremalins x

Thanks! Looks like I'm going to have a pretty productive weekend without this to distract me lol. Good thing as I have lots to do...oh well, there's always procrastination on FB.

Good spot Glynis, wondered how long it would take someone to register the date

Read, and look forward to seeing the changes.

Best wishes on a smooth changeover.

Cant wait, i like new things!!

Also i think there is around 3/4 friday the 13ths this year



Bumpity bumpity bump!!!

Message from Webeditor this evening:

We'll be launching our new website – with a brand new forum – next Thursday. Your web accounts and forum posts will be carried over to the new site. Unfortunately, because that data transfer has to be done in advance of the new site launching, any messages posted on this forum between Friday 13 April and Thursday 19 April will not be carried over to the new site. Feel free to talk as usual, but please note that any threads or posts created during this time will not be on the new site. We apologise for any inconvenience – if you have any questions in the meantime, please email

Thus in summary, the forum will be available in its current form until next Thursday but any posts from tomorrow morning will not be moved.

Yeah I didn't know how I was going to cope without my asthma buddies so BIG relief!!!


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