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Steroid misconceptions 'roid rage' in the media

Anyone seen the stories about Rav Wilding (Crimewatch presenter) & Chantelle Houghton (Big Brother) breaking up due to his 'aggressive behaviour from steroids'? Was quite surprised to see a balanced article in the Sunday Mail today, written by a GP mind. May need to delete spaces when copy and paste,

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Have just read it on-line. Surprising how many people still think steroids are just for body building.


Anabolic steroids = Body Building

Corticosteroids = Blubber building!


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After cataract operation, one of my friends threw her un-opened steroid eye drops in the bin as soon as she got home after day-patient cataract op. She said she ""didnt want to get muscles"". Explained the difference and why important to use the eye drops. Box taken back out of the bin, pronto.

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