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Unexpected weight loss, bruising & Asthma

I'm sure this may have come up before but can't find it. I know it's unusual with asthma. Have increased Seretide to max. dose i.e. 500 twice a day in the last few months & had several short courses Pred. this year.

At my last but one appt with the asthma nurse she said you look like you've lost weight and I said 'Nah, never can even with cycling regularly although shortish distances daily'. Got home and thought my jeans were rather loose and the next morning realised she was right and had lost at least half a stone! Was just a bit surprised to say the least. Could do with losing a few stone and suddenly my body's decided to do so without me trying.

Also, I seem to be collecting bruises particularly on my legs and arms even from an easy blood test which I never normally get. Sudden short cramps in feet and hands too.

Have G.P. appt this week re asthma anyway as still using a lot of ventolin (one inhaler in a fortnight with a few good days at the end of my last pred.) so will get it checked out.

Anyone else found the same? I think some weight loss may be due to recently feeling puffy with eating and slight loss appetite.

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Bruising and fragile skin is an effect of steroids- I bruise really easily. Apparently steroid bruises have a distinctive look, but I can't remember why. There is not much you can do about this apart from trying not to bang yourself!

The weight loss could be due to loss of appetite. Another couple of theories I have are, maybe it is muscle loss, as steroids can have a bit of a muscle wasting effect. For the first few weeks on oral steroids I sometimes lose weight! The other thing is that using ventolin and the long acting beta agonists will be putting your heart rate up. My resting heart rate is about 105 bpm and I measured it when swimming (gently) and it was about 160 bpm! I guess this means you might be burning more calories than you think. I seem to have to eat lots (which reminds me I am supposed to be working out how many calories I actually do eat).



Thanks Bryony, interesting idea about heart rate and ventolin etc Hadn't thought about that.

Have had GP appt and going for bloods & chest xray this week and then spirometry which he was surprised I haven't had at initial diagnosis. Seemed at a bit of a loss at what to do next & was speaking to asthma nurse about ? atrovent , hmm she said that at last appt and he didn't know anything about discussing me. Will call him when have had those done and find out what's next while waiting for hosp. appt.


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