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Work for myself?

Just wondering has anyone here set up their own business?

Am thinking about something on the side for now as can't risk main job financially but it's always good to have a back-up plan? I know what I'll do, how to go about it more or less and it would be from home too :)

I know everyone here has different circumstances and may not be well enough to work be it full or part time etc

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Friend of mine is just starting out with face painting business. Adults and children. Something like that maybe?

Ps Strangely, adults are quite game to have face painting done on them. While kids are amazingly hard as don't sit still and tend to wipe the bit of cheek you've been painstakingly drawing tiger stripes or butterfly wings on, she tells me.


I do, or rather set one up with my family. I worked part time somewhere else for a year or so but now do it mostly full time as we weren't getting very far and needed all of us to have more input. It is a risk but very interesting and rewarding - really nice not having bosses and hierarchies etc.

It generally takes longer than you think to get anywhere and you make loads of mistakes at the start but learn from them. One thing we learned is don't try to do absolutely everything yourself. It may cost a bit but in the end is worth it (so we don't do the e-book conversion or covers ourselves as we'd be rubbish and in the end it would be an own goal).

What were you thinking of? Feel free to PM here on on FB in case I can help with any useful tips.


I think starting with a small business whilst keeping your job is a great idea. It will enable you to see how successful it is and whether you enjoy it (tax stuff is never exciting or simple).

I wouldn't call it a business as such but we have a buy-to-let property and are looking for another. I know a few people who have started up little businesses in catering (cupcakes and catering for dinner parties) whilst still working.

Good luck with it.


Thanks for the replies.

Grannymo, never would've thought that, adults keener on facepainting?! Learn something new everyday,

Philomena, good points made and great to hear it's keeping you busy enough to be fulltime.

Bryony, don't have the means to do buy to let but would be nice in the future or a proper B&B?

Am thinking about cupcakes as can do it from home with little setup costs and just need council kitchen inspection. Am covered IT & tax wise professionally as know people who are willing to help.


Having seen those cupcake pics I would say go for it! And great you have IT and tax support on hand. I wouldn't know where to start with the tax stuff but luckily my mum has been self-employed for years so knows all about it and has a good accountant anyway.


I am also looking to set up my own business as it is something i have been wanting to do for ages, but it is just being able to set it up and having the support and money, i am trying to get support and a loan of princes trust, as i am ready to start setting it up now, and i would rather work for myself. I have the capability to work full time but maybe not for someone else as after 3 months i am ill of work with a very bad chest infection.

the trouble is i wanted to set up a business from home and have a bakery business like cupcakes but our tenancy says we cant do that, so it that or have my own photography business or beauty salon. i have so many ideas i like and so many things i like to do but am finding it really hard to just pick one


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