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Any non-wheezers started wheezing?

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same. Just finished 10 days of 40mg prednisolone and on 4th lot antibiotics for sinusitis. Not sure if it's chest infection developing (as temp. up and down on/off and shaky/woozy feeling but not really coughing up anything) or asthma getting worse.

Have got G.P. appt tomorrow again, feel like I've got a regular slot now on a Friday afternoon :(

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Not me, I'm wondering if I'm doing the opposite though. GP exam result was no wheeze and my PF has been low but not dismally so in the last few days. At the same time, I feel full of gunk and am breathless. I don't think I've as much gunk as I think I have. The singulair is helping big time in the evening though.

Apologies for the descriptive reply! Sorry I can't help. My experience with asthma is that it does change over time. It gets better and sometimes worse. My asthma can also change the way it presents itself. I hope things improve for you.


i have very odd presentations at differing presentations to costa and gp!!

sometimes i wheeze/ dont wheeze/ drop sats/ maintain sats/ go blue/ stay pink ??



I also never used to wheeze, but started wheezing last year after getting ill.

So I guess it can happen.

Hope the docs make you better soon. x


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