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asthma inhalers

This is for UK asthma sufferers only.I am looking for an old

atrovent inhaler that is not cfc free.It was distributed by

Polyfarma Ltd. and if you are not using it I will purchase it,

and it dosent matter if the use by date has been passed.

(email address removed by passing moderator - contact details are not allowed on the boards, as per the T&Cs)

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Hi David, welcome to the boards. I'm afraid we don't allow posting of personal contact details on the boards, but you are welcome to use the PM system to exchange contact with other board members - simply enable private messages via your profile.

You have picqued my curiosity though - are you doing some research or similar into the old inhalers?




Have you tried contacting the supplier/manufacturer directly?. By law you have to keep retain samples of all products on the market for at least 1 year past the product expiry date. The company may even choose to keep for longer, especially if its anything like the company I work for and stuff only gets thrown out when we run out of space.

Its worth a go if you haven't already tried.

good luck



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