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How long does it normally take you to recover from a severe asthma attack

Hi all,

Just wondering as above, I had what A & E classed as a severe asthma attack two

weeks ago, I had the swine flue jab then developed a cold, then chest infection and

ended up being quite poorly in A & E they did the usual blood gases and nebuliser etc gave me

steroid tablets etc taken them for 5 days, my breathing has definately improved I can walk and talk at the same time now.. Which I couldnt do last week, but I still feel really drained and have no energy, I still get out of breath really easily and im a far cry from my normal self, I have finished

the antibiotics and taken all the steriods, I have increased my becotide to two puffs 4 x per day, but im still useing my ventolin at least 4/5 times per day. I have gone from having well controlled asthma to having no control .... all in the space of a few weeks.. My doc just sayes to carry on what Im doing and things will get back to 'normal'

Is this a normal reaction ? how long does it normally take to get back to where you started from?

Thank you for any help x

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When I have abad attack this morning being one of them it can take me between 1-3 weeks after finishing steriods and anti-bios to be back to normal. Hopefully the improvement in your braething when walking and talking at the same time continues to improve. It sounds like your on the road of recovery but it is a slow and long process sadly. But once recovered still take thing easy for an extra week just to make 100% certain you are fully recovered before dropping back down to your normal inhaler doses


i am currently on day 18 of admission to hosp after a nasty attack still on iv drugs and no sign of discharge everyone recovers at different speeds i am praying it wont be much longer although have just found out i have a blood clot in my arm.anyway hope u feel better soon


I am new to all this as only started with breathing difficulties xmas day. Great bunch of people, on this site have stopped me panicing and pointed me in the righr direction. 58 days later i am starting to feel better and ""will be off the steroids and nebs by the end of next week apart from the Steritide and ventolin"" the doc said.

So hope you feel better soon.

Take care

H Mama


Hi all thank you for your replies, Im back on 30mg of preds oral steroid as things are

not getting any better...another 5 day course, docs said no sign of chest infection now ? I have

developed a cold and Im getting really fed up now : -( x


hi Pebbles

you should start picking up when chest clear and pred should help.

Do you use a scarf when out in the cold ?it warms up the air to help lungs.

My asthma is up and down and crash with no sign or known triggers and always chest infections. hope we have summer to look forward to .lol Glynis xxx

ps,Asthma attacks settle soon but after inflamation can take a while longer to settle x


Hi Glynis, yes I do wear a scarf when im able get walk about, its so frutrating, I have gone from having my asthma under control to completely off the peg within the last few weeks and no sign or idea from the doc when ill be able to run about again! The doc said today there are a lot of cases of chest problems in people without asthma........ must be this bad weather - cant wait til summer..... then will have hayfever LOL ! x


After my first severe attack when I was hospitalised and from when things went downhill, I was told it can take a long while to get back to normal as your body has taken a real hit. The important thing is to listen to your body (hmm, and I should take my own advice here) and not push things too hard - allow yourself to recover or recovery will take longer.


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