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New to this!


Am new to this and thought I'd say hi! Recently diagnosed (bit of a shock in mid-twenties) - had blue reliever inhaler a few months but just started brown preventer too. Haven't really noticed much of a difference yet but it's only been a week or so. Still trying to get my head around it really - just when I think I'm getting used to it all, my body goes and surprises me! Although, having read some of the posts on here I realise things could be a lot worse and feel lucky my asthma is only mild. Fingers crossed things will get easier once control established...

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Hello Shy1, and welcome!

That must have been quite a shock to be diagnosed with asthma in your mid-20s. People always seem to think of asthma as a condition of childhood.

Don't compare yourself too much to other people on here. Everyone is totally different, and even 'mild' asthma can be thoroughly unpleasant, and we're all here to give you the support that you need to get your head around this new diagnosis. Feel free to ask lots of questions - there are some extremely knowledgeable people knocking around on the forum!

Welcome again!


Hi Shy1, Welcome to the forum. Lots of useful information/tips and really nice people on here. The heading 'All about Asthma' across top of this page (lime green) is also full of good information and the asthma nurses are really pleasant and helpful.


Welcome Shy1,

This is a fab forum and you will make lots of friends and get

support from everyone and share stories.

love glynis xxx


hi shy

welcome to forum

please familiarise yourself with website as there are lots of interesting things to learn about al aspects of asthma.

also there is an asthma nurse you can ring - number top left of page - if you have any concerns or want any advice as talking from experience you dont get much info from docs do u!! i was 17 at official diagnosis even though they were umming and arr ing it earlier lol.

dont be put off by people sayting bout scary things they have gone through etc cos ev eryone on here has asthma of al varying degrees, but can all offer you support from personal level.

unfortuantely we cannot given u prefssional advice (even though i used to be an asthma nurse and i am a staff nurse for children now)

take advantage of the publications the website has to offer; the action plan, peak flow diary and mnagement plan so that you and you asthma nurse can go through this at your next appt and write a list of questions you have for your next appt in case your mind goes blank!! lol

good luck and feel free to pm me :)

x x x


Thank you for the messages. It's good to have found such a supportive network of people. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the weekend.


Hi, I was diagnosed about 18 months ago in my mid-40s! Also mild, fortunately, exertion induced asthma, on the same inhalers as you. Generally manageable but can't really swim, run or do much very strenuous activity anymore, but I can still look after and ride horses (for fun, not competitive or professionally). The only problem is when I get a cold I usually get a chest infection and antibiotics don't usually work. Hope you manage to keep your asthma under control.



You must have been as surprised as I was! I suppose I had always thought of asthma as a childhood condition - clearly I was being a bit naive! I used to be quite a sporty person too but have struggled to find time to take part in activities over the last couple of years - always seem to be busy with work. Hoping to get back into sport again soon but getting asthma under control first is a priority. Hope you are keeping well and can continue to enjoy your horse riding.

Shy1 x


Have been meaning to say hi - I had mild asthma diagnosed at age 7 which got in the way mainly of doing PE in the cold, but not much else (luckily I was lazy and didn't mind ;)). Didn't really register that it could get any worse than that or how bad it is for some people until I came on here - and was convinced I'd grown out of it too until current issues started a couple of years ago.

Hope reliever starts working soon and you get it under control.



This is the best port of call I've found for asthma help, advice, nice folk who know exactly what you are going through and best of all, off-topic threads for when you need a smile, you've done something daft or need to rant abut something non-asthma.

Smiles and sunshine,



Hi Philomela and GrannyMo,

Nice to 'meet' you! Hope you enjoy the concert tonight, GrannyMo. Reliever doing it's job, Philomela, was just having to use it too often hence asthma nurse starting me on preventer. That must be really frustrating to have grown out of your asthma and then to start having trouble again later; I hope you get things sorted out soon.

Shy1 x



Just realised I actually meant to type 'preventer' there - meant to say hope preventer does its job and you need less reliever but put wrong one! Blame it on the breathing ;)

I also meant to say below this forum is a fantastic place, even for weirdos like me who don't have a proper diagnosis but do have lungs which are great at imitating asthma - I've found even with that generally if I post a query someone somewhere will have a helpful suggestion or have had the same thing.


Seemed as though things were improving this week as had a few good days and nights. That was until yesterday evening when coughing started again. Had a bad night and then got up this morning with tight chest. Not unusual in the morning but didn't ease off and been struggling a bit today. Used reliever several times, chest less tight now but beginning to cough again. Also feeling a bit emotional and teary tonight but not sure why, maybe just overtired. Gonna try and get some sleep now, hopefully all will be better tomorrow.


Sorry to hear that you had a tough day, Shy1. I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this.

I think we can probably all identify with that feeling of being a bit 'on the edge' emotionally. I know there are definitely times when, for whatever reason, I'm just a bit more weepy and fragile than usual. Having broken sleep and having to work extra hard for breath doesn't help! Hang in there, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Of course, there are plenty of people here on the forum who would happily be a 'moan sponge' for you if you think that would help!

Sending easy-breathing wishes,



oh shy

its not unusual to have up and down days whether ur coming to terms with a diagnosis of asthma/ any other diagnosis or at any other point down the line.

ur not alone sweet.

hope today is a better day for u. get plenty of rest. feel free to use the forum boards to rant and rave!!

x x x


Hi Shy1. Not too bad at the moment but have you noticed that the very hot weather affects you? Was out riding at the weekend and after every canter (out on an all day hack) I had to take puffs on my Ventolin. Still got a chest infection after a cold at the beginning of May, its just the cough at the moment, but can't shift it! Stay positive though and try not to let the asthma take over your life!


Thank you for your messages, it's definitely reassuirng to hear from you all. Trying a different inhaler now so hopefully that will be effective. My situation is nothing in comparison to what some others on here are going through at the moment so just going to be thankful for that and not waste time feeling sorry for myself. Thanks again for your support though, it means a lot, I hope I can be of as much support to you too.


Hope new inhaler kicks in soon! If you want to rant though feel free to PM me - I know what you mean about being reluctant given what some people on here are dealing with right now and have been dealing with, but I'm not brittle/severe/in and out of Costa etc and I still like to sound off and have a bit of a moan even while (hopefully) keeping things in perspective.


Hope your new inhaler is a good 'fit' for you, Shy1!

I like your attitude about trying to stay positive, but don't compare yourself too much to others. We're all going through different things, but we're all different people in different situations too. There are no prizes for having the worst asthma (or pain, or whatever - a friend of mine calls this attitude the Pain Olympics).

If it affects your life, then it's ok to say that. We all know what it's like to feel wheezy and tight-chested to some degree. Please don't ever feel that you can't say how you're being affected by your asthma, either physically or emotionally, just in case someone else has it worse. We're all here to support each other!


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