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New (If at all) to all of this, any advice greatly appreciated! Thank-You!

Hey everyone, Have been reading up on all of the info on this website and forum discussions (which is excellent by the way!) since the Nurse Practitioner at my local surgery mentioned ‘asthma’ in a possible diagnosis of my SOB. I will give a background of my symptoms (I say symptoms as I have yet to see a Dir. or Nurse who has actually conformed I have Asthma…although I have seen many now)

Approx. 8 weeks ago I awoke up suddenly in the middle of night feeling short of breathe as if someone was sitting on my chest. It was enough to get me up and if I’m honest panic about it. I thought to myself at the time it must be a chest infection and decided if the symptoms got any worse I would go and see a G.P. Unfortunately at the Sugary I am registered at there is lack of permanent Dir.’s and knew that it would be very likely I would have to see a Locum therefore as I was due to go on holiday abroad a week or so before these symptoms became present I decided that I would go to my local NHS walk-in-centre which has now replaced by an urgent care centre. There I spoke to a lovely Nurse who after listening to my chest and took my blood pressure and pulse was I told I was suffering from anxiety. At the time I probably knew in myself I wasn’t suffering from anxiety but felt that this diagnosis made me feel comfortable enough to go abroad for my holiday and relax. Unfortunately the holiday wasn’t what it could have been as I was constantly feeling as though someone was sitting on my chest or squeezing my lungs and I would have to go up to the hotel room by myself to lie down, however I got little sleep.

Since I came back from my holiday on the 14th Sep, it has been a worlwind of NHS staff. There are no permanent G.P’s at my surgery at the moment so I have seen the Nurse Practitioner twice, one Locum Dr. twice and another Locum Dr. Once. I have also seen another Nurse at the Urgent Care Centre and phoned NHS Direct. Basically (Sorry for the long story!) I was told on my first two occasions to an NHS Practionher that I had Anxiety, then I was told I has a mild chest infection so was prescribed antibiotics (which didn’t’ help), then I was told that I had asthmas and after the Nurse Practiontner took a reading of my PF which she concluded was under 50% of what it should, be forr my age and weight I was prescribed a blue Ventolin inhaler and told to undertake a ‘breathing test.’. Which I did the following day. Unfortunately the Health Care Practionter said the machine wasn’t working correctly so I should await for them to call me back which never happened. Then I suffered from what I think may have been an Asthma Attack, although I had no cough (which since my symptoms has occurred but has been non-productive with no wheezing), I felt as though I was severely out of breathe as if I had run the matharon and in reality all I was doing was relaxing watching t.v. I felt so exhausted with breathing I thought I may stop. Luckily it passed within 15 minutes. I have since seen another locum G.P and have been given a brown preventer inhaler as well as a peak flow monitor to record my results at home. I also had a set if bloods taken which the locum G.P was checking for infections and blood clotting agents as well as a chest x-ray. This was over a week ago now; my chest x-ray results are back at my Dr.s sugary however all the receptionist will tell me is that I need to see the Nurse Practitioner and apparently my blood results are not back yet???

So basically as I stand I have been told I could possibly have asthma have been given both a brown and blue inhaler and left to get on with it until my appointment with the Nurse Practioniher in two weeks’ time, (Which in itself I’m worried about as all the receptionist at my G,P surgery said was your chest x-ray results are back and you need to see the Nurse to discuss the results) I’m 27, a smoker and Asthma runs in my family and my Mother has COPD. I’m not looking for a medical diagnosis or anything just some friendly advice on inhaler use would be good. For example I’ve read on here you have to inform you dentist if you use the brown inhaler? I’m due to the Dentist on Monday as part of my filling/tooth has brown off? Also I am still breathless on daily basis although this has improved (although not my PF) since using the brown inhaler

Sorry again for the long post, any advice would be muchly appreciated!!!! xxx

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Hi Caroline ,welcome to the forum.Have you been given a spacer or arochamber to use with your inhalers as inhalers work better in gettingto your lungs?Not to worry if you haven""t but worth asking for one when you go next time xxx


Hi Caroline ,welcome to the forum.Have you been given a spacer or arochamber to use with your inhalers as inhalers work better in gettingto your lungs?Not to worry if you haven""t but worth asking for one when you go next time xxx


Hi Glynis,thanks for your reply? I havent been given a spacer,as I said in my original post have just be

en given both the blue and brown inhaler and pretty much left to get on with it. :-( Should I have been given a spacer then? What about the dentist do you know whether I have to inform them? Again any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank-you!

P.S Just re-read my original post and applaude anyone who can fully inderstand it,think that comes from typing at 4am when all you want to do is sleep. Lol


Hello and welcome!

Ahh don't worry about the chest x-ray! They might just need to discuss your options in regards to inhalers and stuff. Sometimes with asthma sufferers they find the lining of the lung to be inflammed. Very normal if you're an asthma sufferer! I promise if it was anything really serious, they'd have you down the hospital straight away!

I've always told my dentist what medication I'm on.. only because I'm paranoid that what they use or inject might not go well with my asthma meds. From what I can remember, I think it's only oral tablet steriods they look out for.

Personally I've always been advised to take the blue inhaler to help open up your chest - especially if you're finding it difficult to breathe/wheezing - and then use the brown inhaler to prevent anything further happening. Did they tell you how often to take it?

Good luck at both the doctors and dentist!



Hi Nat,thanks for your message. Im hoping your right about the chest x-ray,although my G.P practice is so poorly run it doesnt give me much confidence. :-( I think I will inform my dentist that Im currently using the preventer inhaler to be on the safe side. I wasnt actually told by the locum G.P how often I should use any of the inhalers,Igot this information from the pharmacy sticker on the boxes,however since using the preventer I have noticed a difference in my breathing. Still SOB most days but nowhere as bad as I was before.x


Hi Caroline, Welcome to the forum. Asthma is variable and isnt always straightforward to diagnose. Have you got a peak flow meter? It measures your lung capacity and is useful for monitoring your breathing. You can get it on prescription or over the counter. Also, remember to keep your ventolin on or near you so you dont get caught out.

One thing I would suggest is taking vit C and/or a good quality multi-vit. This is to strengthen your immune system and hopefully help keep colds at bay. Hot water bottles help with back and chest pain. I presume you have already been told it would help if you gave up smoking?? I know how difficult it is to kick smoking but if really would be better for you if you could manage it, or at least cut down.

Dentists keep a record of what meds people are on so yes, you will need to tell your dentist what you are now taking.


Hi Angievere, thanks for the advice re:vit c am def going to increase my intake. As for smoking,Ihave more or less stopped since my symptoms became present,dont really feel like smoking when I am struggling to breathe normally. Am going to inform the dentist of my meds when I go next week.x


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