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Hi everyone

Hope you are all well.

I'm looking for advice about travel insurance for my little girl (aged 8). Been having a little trouble this year as the premiums have jumped up anyway but my little girls also had five hospital admissions so far this year, which I don't suppose is helping with the quotes. She's also on home nebs and quite high amounts of medication, which I don't suppose help either.

Can anyone recommend an insurer. If we need to make a claim on holiday, they would need to pay out at the time as we were insured by direct line a few years ago and she was hospitalised in Alcudia. Cost a fortune and they refunded us when we got home, we had to pay it up front.

We're heading to Menorca in three weeks and Lanzarote in January.

Any advice or info would be very much appreciated




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Hi I just recently got travel insurance by mrl insurance .... Details are online bur due to existing medical conditions I had to phone ... they give general quote but refer u on for to insure illness separate ..... Was half the price of other quotes but don't know how quick they pay out..... I'm on home nebs and had loads of admissions in last year ... Also I have other medical problems .... Wish u well for your holday...



I also had trouble getting insurance for my son this year and someone recommend I try my bank I did and they were brilliant. I had never thought of contacting them. Unfortunately he was poorly while we were away and we had to make a claim but they paid out quickly and without any hassle.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.

Clare x


2 tips.

1) as Clarebear says banks offer great insurance, we get ours free with out bank and therefore only have to pay the ""top up for me""

2) If I didnt have this and sometimes do as additional, go for deals that offer free insurance, we generally go with James Villas and their ins is fab, all you have to do it contact their underwriters and ""top up"", it saves paying for all the bg standard basic bit and you only get hit with the asthma bit!

Hope that helps?

Snowy xx


not sure myself how good the deal is but have you tried looking at the links on this website under the section travelling with asthma? plus they give a certain percentage of their profit to AUK. hope you find what youre looking for.


Thanks everyone.

I'm going to try all your ideas




My son and I have lots of medical conditions so lots of companies refuse to cover us :( However, cheapest places we found are goodtogoinsurance who are dirt cheap and offer really high cover, only had to use them once to replace my sons heart meds while we were in Greece so was a really small claim but they paid it all direct and I never heard anymore about it. I just got cover from them for £82 for a 4 night stay in Paris in October when other companies quoted £6-700 or refused to cover us.

Another good place to try is Age Concern insurance, you don't have to be old to use them, (I am just about to turn thirty and my son is 6 and we used them a few years ago). Their screening questions are pretty basic so if you can get through screening they are super cheap and they literally pay for everything if you have to claim, my Nanna got stuck in Spain a few years back and they paid for us to go out there to be with her which I thought was amazing.


Hi Anne

I have an annual policy with Direct Travel. It is a policy that covers both myself and my daughter is free. It is a premier policy becuase of her asthma, the basic one does not cover her. When I looked at my bank they refused to cover her asthma, as it was a pre-existing condition. I have made two claims with them and they have paid out without question twice.


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