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Rast tests results

Hi everybody, hope you are all well.

Holly's rast test results are back and her doctor took me through them on the phone today. Thought I'd share them with you and see what you think of them. Her cons said that strangely she appears Not to be allergic to house dust mites but appears to be highly allergic to Grass - which I already knew,cat and dog, wheat, milk and moderate for eggs. He's arranging for her to be seen by a dietician to safely remove these things fom her diet to see if they make any difference to her symptoms.

Has anyone else removed any of these things from heir diet with success.



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I have an intolerance to milk, wheat and egg white (and others including soya). With regards vitamins, minerals etc I'm sure the doctor /dietician will advise you accordingly but it is possible to cut these items out.

The worste thing is having to read labels in the supermarket but you soon get used to knowing what is likely to have these things in - it is amazing how much processed food has to be avoided for one or other of these things. You can get many items from the special dietery / free from counters in supermarkets but read the labels carefully because they must omit everything that you need to avoid. The easiest thing is to go back to basics really and avoid the processed foods then you know exactly what is in them. Internet is really good source for advice, products and recipes

You can get rice oat and soya milk and cream in any supermarket - my personal preference is rice dream. You can get soya cheese but i don't like that and still do miss cheese.

I havent had a great deal of success with making my own bread - I find Ener-G bread and rolls pallatable though a bit expensive - I tend to go more for rice cakes, oat or rye crispbreads etc as they have more taste. You can make cakes, fruit crumbles etc using replacement products.

There are a whole list of replacements for eggs for cooking depending on its function (obtainable on web) but I still have the occasional yearning for the good old fried egg.

There are many others with food intolerances on this site that can probably advise but I hope this helps to put your mind at ease at least a little



I am anaphylactic to egg so avoid at all costs, there are lots of egg substitutes but they don't all work or do much in my view - try a vegan cook book for egg & milk free cake.

There is a recipe on this site somewhere from me that is for a Chocolate cake that is egg, milk, nut and gluten (wheat) free and it works!

Milk - I am intollerant but have bits - Soya milk is good, The alpro range of soya stuff is fantastic - yogurts and puddings - they have just bough out a fantatsic dark chocolate variett.

Chocolate soya milk is very nice and one way of getting it down if she doen't like the taste at first of plain soya - some makes are nicer than others - Tescos own sweetened brand is my favourite.

I am reducing wheat in my diet at the mo as it bloats me! Rice cakes, corn cakes (very yummy) are often cheaper than the special ranges. Oatibix is OK but very claggy and you need gallons of milk with it!

Hope this helps


PS will drag out the famouse cake recipe some stage!


I have severe allergies to wheat egg nuts and my daughters are allergic to cows milk which makes cooking interesting.

The biggest problems i've had is finding sausages burgers gravy powders and stock cubes to cook with but you can find them in all the main supermarkets just takes a bit of looking. Top tip i had was to get hold of some wheat free thickening granules found in the baking bit of most supermarkets near the arrowroot normally then you can really easily turn soya milk into a white sauce with no hassle!

Get your local library to get you a copy of Antoinette savill,s book Allergy free cooking for kids or allergy free food by tanya wright.

They have loads of wheat free milk free egg free recipes that actually work don't replace all the flour with things like ground nuts and my kids will actually eat the results esp biscuits and pretend chicken nugget junk foodie type snacks!!

Removing wheat from my diet (under advice from dietician and consultant) has improved my symptoms and allowed me to reduce my oral steroids and althiugh at first was complete pain is not that difficult once you start reading labels.


Thanks everybody for your replies

i had a quick look in my cupboards and almost everything in them has something that she shouldn't have. I think it's gonna be a very long shop at the supermarket this week although I'm not complaining cos it'll be worth it if it makes a difference to her.

In a strange way I'm quite glad that the results showed what they did as it means that we have another alternative to look at before giving her more medication to help with her symptoms. I'm still a bit peeved off though cos her old consultant refused the rast test without even considering it and if she'd had it all those months ago we might've seen a difference by now.

Thanks again for your replies. Its great to get advice from people that understand and have more experience than me.




For thickening I use cornflour - it makes a beautifully smooth sauce; it can also make quite a nice pudding sauce if you sweeten it and add cocoa for chocolate sauce.


It is just in the final testing stages but will soon post my very own recipe for dairy free, everything else free chocolate truffles, which if made into a more runny slightly sweeter mixture also makes a very good chocolate icing/sauce. Have tried it with Kate's allergen free cake to make a sort of chocolate pudding and have fed it to non-allergic friends with great success... and also to fussy husband who doesn't like food that is 'free from' stuff. You really wouldn't know that it was allergen free at all.

The recipe still needs some perfecting but I am planning some more experimentation when I get back from my hols on Wednesday, so watch this space!

Em H


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