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Disability awareness gone too far?

There is a shop in one of the near by towns I pop into whenever I am there ( an outdoor clothing shop that I like!) but for the last few months, since August, one of the assistants would always say ' when are you going to get off the crutches?' or 'Oh, no still on crutches.' etc etc. Today, I popped in with no crutches and she says ' hey no crutches!'

I replied 'why is it that you only see the disability and not the person? ' She was quite taken aback and tried to apologise!

I calmly walked out! I had felt 'labeled' over the last few months and a bit anoyed by her insensitivity! I was desperate to get off the crutches too!

I know people have to take disabilities into account but why do people have to state the obvious or draw attention to a disability?

Rant over!

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i can see why you'd be annoyed but in their defence it must be difficult, when i was in a wheelchair i was in a shop a lot and would always joke about it with an assistance (i initiated it as for me, it normalised it for me and made me less uncomfortable) but had said something similar to someone else who had also been offended. i think that if it is uncomfortable for you then she probably shouldnt have said anything but it doesnt sound like she was trying to upset you and i imagine it must be difficult.


Hi Kate Moss,

Completely know how you feel had it going on for 7 years.

Got OA in lot of my joinst and did have a damaged achilles tendon.

Its taken me 7 years with opps and casts to get where I am at the moment and crutches put

away for good now.

Love Glynis xxx


I think the assistant rather than making a point was trying to be friendly like she reconised you... its acknolging the customer to trying to get that personal touch. But i agree with you people only see physical disabilities


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