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Hot Air Balloon trips & Asthma etc


My Mother has suggested a Balloon trip for my birthday, (it is a big one!!) which sounds really good!

I have looked at the website under the medical bits and it states no one with Osteoporosis should fly (Which I fully understand in case of a heavy landing!) , I have osteopenia, which is reduced bone density.

Also it says anyone with a serious medical condition shouldn't fly either!

Bumpy landings aside (I am sure by bones are fit to fly) has anyone here been on a balloon trip and has there been anything such as fumes that has affected their asthma or isn't this a problem?

Many thanks in advance!


PS I have been bounced around in small 8 seater planes landing on rough grass, tossed around in converted 30ft fishing trawlers in the South Atlantic without any damage....

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