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2Tone Inhaler Trainers


I have one of these and was kindly given some by the person who is distributing them in the UK - they have since been given to a school asthma group to try.

There is also an article in Asthma news and there was some info on the main AUK web site too.

It is basically an empty inhaler case with a bit inside that makes a noise. Breathe too fast and you get 2 tones, breath in slowly and correctly you get one tone which indicates the correct method for using a pMDI inhaler. There has been some research on it and it has been proven to help.

( different techniques are needed for dry power / turbohalers)

Has anyone else tried one and what did you think?

( the kids found them great fun - and noisy!)

I am in contact with the person who gave me the free ones.

Any feedback will be appreciated!

Many thanks


(Mods, hope this is OK!)

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Never heard of them, sounds useful though. Where can you get them?


Sorry, should have posted link last time round!


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