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Up to date travel insurance details please


I am hoping to go to Estonia next April......

The Post Office has changed its wording on the medical screening and has denied me cover for my asthma! I have used them for the last 3 years for 2 trips to the Falklands and one trip to Italy.

Basically, if you are on more that 4 meds and been in hospital 3 times in the last year, (It doesn't define how long ago and for how long!!) you can't get cover!

I have been trying other companies, some of which are asking the exact same questions( read from the same sheet!) and will cover me! This is madness! Though the costs are a lot!

Morethan = single trip = Premier cover = £12.15 plus med cover of £90.14 ( £102.29p)

Heath Lambert AUK / Unique is a total of £114.13

............. now bemused as my insurance for a week in Italy was around £40 and the Falklands, only £120 for 3 weeks!

Anyone please let me know of companies that will insure for around £100 or less.

I have looked at older posts but feel the info may be out of date... as I have just discovered with the Post Office!

Ta very much!



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I may be able to return the earlier help. I have managed to get cover with direct line despite numerous meds, home nebs and 3 admissions in the last 12 months. It might be worth trying them. The only other people I found are the ones you have already mentioned. Direct Line were quite reasonable and a week in Spain was just under 60 pounds. 40 pounds ish of that was a premium to cover my asthma

Hope you find someone. I ended up ringing loads.



I normally get year-long cover, and the post office refused to cover me for a year because I was under a consultant. I cant vouch for how good they are (I've never claimed), but I get worldwide year long cover with Insure and Go, which costs me around £120, I think, about half of which is an asthma premium. So maybe it's worth giving them a go for a short trip. (I also once phoned them to tell them I was now on more medication, expecting my policy to be void if I didn't tell them this and pay a higher premium - it wasn't - so if you think you're about to get worse, get insurance first - but then check with them of course the policy is valid.) I'm never sure whether to count Epi-pen as a 'medication that I take for asthma'...


My most recent success was with Insurance Choice....

Perhaps worth a go?


Hi kate, i use freedom insurance, they are a uk based company but are very good, for me to go to Ukraine for two weeks it would be £60 and i am certainly on lots of meds!

Another good company is Unique insurance but i dont know prices.

Google either and you can get there telephone number.

Hope that helps



Hiya all.

I just wanted to say that Holly and I travelled to alcudia 3 years ago and were insured with direct line. We had to pay a little bit extra as she had been in hosp recently and was on a lot of meds but it was straight forward enough.

However I didn't check the small print and when we were in alcudia Holly was hospitalised with her asthma. We handed our travel insurance and passports over and were told that the type of insurance we had meant that we had to pay the hospital and claim it back when we came home.

Very big mistake and after several phone calls to home later, we managed to get money sent over.

Direct line did pay out immediately when we came home without issue. We sent the reciepts away and were fully reimbursed within a week.

I've always had travel insurance but always assumed it would pay out when we were abroad. Won't make that mistake again.

Hope you get it sorted




Hi Folks,


It seems to be the hospital admissions and possibly the regular nebs that makes them decline or whack up the premium to something silly. I can't work it out as every one is more or less reading the same questions..... I haven't even mentioned my leg problem.

Should I?? Just in case the bloomin' thing goes twang again?

I dread to think of an annual policy with some of them - I would like to go out to italy too once or twice next year to see my Niece & Nephew.

Sorry, having a winge! Got the september blues!



In the last year I managed travel insurance with Unique - £170 for 3 weeks in France, and Insurance Choice - £25 for 5 days in Poland. This covered asthma, bronchiectasis, immunodeficiency and a few other medical conditions.

I have had 3 hospital admissions in the last year, on long-term steroids, and needed oxygen for the flight. I also had a very large travel insurance claim (over £100,000) last year, for admission and repatriation from Canada.

It is certainly true that it is well worht checking whether the medical payments will be made directly. Clearly I could never have paid and repaid the bills for my illness last year!

Hope that helps.


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