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Severe food allergies and the catering industry


I often go to conferences, or have been on a holiday (catered abroad) and I alert them to my egg allergy which is usually no problem in itself. Often at conferences there are other people with allergies or special dietary needs. The one thing that makes it difficult for the catering staff and potentially dangerous for me is people who label themselves as Vegan, intolerant, a little fussy but then bend the rules when it suits them. I questioned a vegan eating Tuna! They had made a fuss about vegan food then didn't eat it.... Similar when people say they are intolerant to food but then eat what they fancy.....

This can confuse catering staff who may think that we are just being fussy and then say perhaps something is egg free when it isn't out of pure frustration from people who make a fuss about their dietary needs then don't stick to them. Feedback PLEASE!

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Hello Kate,

Feels like long time no see. Hope you're keeping well?

I think it's a good point you're making and it can cause confusion. Odd people, eh?! I would never make a fuss and then not eat it, that's just plain rude, I think.

As I have no severe allergies but found out I'm lactose intolerant last year (after nasty symptoms & referral to gastro which included investigations as family history of severe ulcerative colitis) I can kind of see both sides. I can manage trace amounts e.g. in medication, crisps, powder in food... but will suffer the consequences later if I have milk, eat cheese, cream in sauce...

Famously one year, the vegetarian mother in law said she wanted a cheeseboard for Christmas and then announced on the day she was 'vegan', backfired as she unwrapped 3 having said it to several people.


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