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Hi, I'm the new web editor for an NHS hospital with specialist asthma services (the Royal Bromton, where I know some people on these boards have had treatment).

We want to make our website better, and I wonder if anyone has any opinions, not so much on our website specifically, but as patients in terms of what you want and hope to see in relation to asthma when you visit a hospital site.

Doctors and experts aren't always in the best position to see what it is patients need in terms of information - but if you guys have opinions or stories that would really help me in changing our site for the better.

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I don't suppose you can persude Debbie to offer a 24/7 online advice forum can you:)

Seriously, more info on Lind as that is where many start off possibly with some photos and more information on sort of things to be expected from the Difficult Asthma Protocol, what to bring with you etc. It might be better if it was easier to find information on the Difficult Asthma Team from Profs to SHO. It would also interesting to see what research projects are being done for asthmatics.



It would be useful to know what the usual criteria for referral are, so that we know if it's worth asking our consultants to refer us. Plus all the things that Bex said, too. It would be really interesting to know exactly what the Difficult Asthma Protocol actually involves.

Em H


It wouls also be helpful to have more up to date research available. Most people if they are at the stage of going to Brompton have a good knowledge of asthma. It would be helpful to know if trials are happening that we may fit the criteria for. Any new medicines that are successful etc. Very often we have little info on the more indepth aspects of asthma.


Thanks guys, that's all really helpful. A lot our patients, not just those suffering from asthma, have long-term conditions and as you've suggested I think they would like to see more in-depth info. And we know we need to improve the information about us - what to bring, photos of the ward etc.

The suggestion about more info on research trials is interesting and something for me to go off and think about.

Anyhow, many thanks and any more suggestions and observations welcome.


addresses for the different wards would be helpful too - so that if we are wanting to write to friedns in hospital we can find the address easily - with rbh being split site I found that confusing.


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