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Hi all!

This is just little note about requesting medical information via these message boards, be it directly on the boards or by personal message.

We are lucky enough to have a number of doctors who regularly post here (indeed, three of them are moderators), and in addition to this a lot of the more regular members are an excellent source of medical information - having ""been there and done that""!

But - this board (or any message board) can NEVER be a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with an asthma nurse, doctor, consultant or other health professional. Not only are respiratory problems impossible to accurately diagnose when you can't see or hear the person in question, it is also important to note that, because all people are different, what has worked for one person in the past may not work for another - and in some cases it can be dangerous to follow the treatment plan of another person due to interactivity between medications and the general inappropriateness of the treatment. Therefore, if one of our health professional members (or, indeed, any other member) suggests you need to seek medical advice, please don't ignore them! Aside from being dangerous, it also makes people less inclined to offer help if you've shown that you ignore it!!

You should also think before asking for medical information via personal message; if you're not asking anything particularly private, a post directly on the message board is usually more appropriate - this allows the post to be answered by more than just the member you PMed. Please do not ""bombard"" users with requests for information of this nature - that is not what these boards are for.

Of course, medical enquiries are always welcome on the boards - and will always receive knowledgeable answers - but please don't rely on this board or use it as a substitute for a face-to-face consultation.

Cheers all,



PS: This message is about requesting NON-emergency information; requesting EMERGENCY medical information is strictly against the board terms and conditions.

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  • Okay folks, I'm bumping this one up again because we're getting complaints about people asking for quite detailed medical diagnosis and advice via PM - that's very definitely NOT what this message board is for.

    Please, please visit your GP/pharmacist for help or information if you are unwell or you are unsure of what to do medically. If you feel that it is an emergency, please take a look at the terms and conditions page (link below the ""talking points"" box on the left) for full details of steps you should take. If your GP is unavailable, call their out-of-hours service, or NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.

    People can quite rightly become very uncomfortable if they are PMed and asked for a spot diagnosis; please be considerate of other message board users and seek face-to-face medical advice from your own doctor.

    Thanks all, and take care,



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  • Quite right.

    As a medical secretary, I've worked in many busy units where the medics spend hours in theatre and therefore out of phone contact. Patients (or worse, their relatives) do sometimes phone up to ask questions on results or advice on their treatment.

    It is impressed upon us all, to explain that we are not medically trained and that we cannot give advice. That all we are allowed to do, is to make an appointment at a convenient time for them to speak to the doctor or for them to leave a number where they may be contacted.

    Its especially hard when someone is swithering about an operation - we type the op. notes and follow-up letters to GPs and thus are familiar with procedures and outcomes, but no way can we ever give advice or opinion. Its not our place to do so.

  • As an IT bod, I regularly get people phoning me up and saying things like:

    ""Word won't load. What's the problem?""

    Erm, yes. Could be a hundred-and-one different things - I can't work out the answer until I see the computer. I can suggest a load of different things that they can try, but the benefit is that no-one's going to fall very ill if I get it wrong.

    Now, imagine THAT but with a doctor and a person!

  • IT bods, method of solving problems, turn the computer off and reboot. Now i'm sure many Dr's would love to turn some of us off, and leave it that way.

  • Chris, re: IT - Sshh! Don't tell everyone.

    In fact, we really do this:

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  • In view of various posts of late, this timely reminder needs to be bumped into view again.

    Could I just add this - please folks, remember there may be new readers unsure of their asthma as yet, also younger age readers and their families. Think before you click on Submit.


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  • Thanks folks - I think we can stop bumping this again, at least for the time being.

    If anyone has any issues with any members relating to this moderator's message, please feel free to drop me a line via PM.

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