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Kick Asthma Holidays 2007

Some of you longer-standing message board members may be aware that my username, PeakSteve, stems from the fact that I am a volunteer on Asthma UK's children's holidays - and they used to be called PEAK holidays.

Now is the time of year that parents/children are applying for places on the 2007 holidays, so I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread so that prospective participants and their guardians could as any holiday-related questions that they may have, and where past participants and their guardians could share their holiday experiences!

It's also a chance for all those message board members who will be volunteering in 2007 to say ""Hi!"" to one another before we meet in person at the training weekend in June.

This year I am again leading the 12-17 year-olds age group on the Fareham holiday. Fareham is a fantastic venue - especially the kitchen staff, who are very allergy-aware and go out of their way to accomodate any strange dietary requirements we might have.

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I'm a Fareham bod too - I'll be one of the medics for the 6-11 year age group.



I'm a volunteer at Banbury this year! Been volunteering since 2000!


PS doing the 6 - 11 yr olds as usual


Hi - I'm doing Fareham - 6-11 yr olds and I've been a volunteer for the last 6 years! Can't wait till August! :-)



Hi all my daughter is 6 and has brittle asthma requiring continual oxygen. I was just wondering if you have many 6yr olds come on the holidays as right now I don't know whweher to send my daughter. What sort of things do the 6yr olds do. Many thanks Nikki


I have one very upset Chloe as we cant get her to any of the centers this year , we were hoping for Fareham again but its exactly the same time as our family hols. She wil just have to wait til next year!

So Cath/Steve /Titch you can relax a bit!!!


Hopalong - LOL! When Chloe returns in 2008, will she still be in the younger age group? Or should I start worrying now...! ;)

Nikki - We had a couple of 6-year-olds at Fareham last year, although I'm not sure of AUK's policy regarding children who need regular O2. I'm sure one of the medical volunteers will be along shortly with their comments. Last year the younger age group did things like visiting the beach, a trip to an aquarium, a trip to a kids theme park, and lots of craft activities such as kite making, clay modelling, t-shirt printing and so on.



I'm doing Nantwich this year - was at Edinburgh last year.

See you soon. xx


Sean is hoping to go Fareham, well when I eventually get the form sent off anyway ! He will be 12 a couple weeks after the holiday so I dont know who will have the pleasure of his madness as he sort of inbetween ages lol

j x


Steve -you can relax she will be 11 1/2!!!

She has asked me to say hi to all the grown ups who know her and she says she is missing you all and cant wait til next yr!!!!

Chloe has even asked if we can change the family hols just so she can go to fareham but not possible so enjoy the break!!


Ooh... we've had 11 1/2 year olds on the oldies holidays before now. Rather than just arbitrarily saying that at 12 you go into the older group, we usually give the older 11 year olds the option of going up a year early, so to speak.


Yeah, also depends sometimes on what the split between the ages is for older and younger holiday groups.


Very much so. Last year we had one 16 year old, and the next oldest was 14; a lower spread of ages than normal, but it meant that we were able to take 11 year old children on the older holiday without them feeling out-of-place.


can you help me. im trying to find the friends i met on my peak holidays, i kepted in touch with some but a few year has passed now and would like to get in touch. my name is natalie miller i went to a few holidays down somerset my last holidays was 2006 or 2007. i will be looking forward to your reply xx


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