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Missing posts problem solved?

Well, I hope so, at any rate!

A number of members have recently complained that they have made posts that have subsequently disappeared. I think I know why.

If you access a post by looking at a user's profile and going to this list of their recent posts, or if you access a post by using the search facility, you will find it has a ""reply"" button.


For reasons that I won't bore you with, this replies to the INDIVIDUAL POST, and not to the thread that the post is in. The board is set up in such a way that these individual replies are never shown.

Instead, you need to click through to the thread that contains the post you want to reply to (using the ""talking points"" list on the left) and reply to the whole thread as normal.

Hopefully this will stop the problem from recurring.

I've reported this one to the developers, so hopefully they'll do something about it sometime before the next ice age...

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