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Text speak - please, please don't!

Evening all!

Please, please, pretty please can people refrain from using text speak on these boards.

A number of people have PMed me since an earlier post of mine to thank me and tell me that they have great difficulty in reading such posts. Some even don't bother trying to decipher them, so by posting using text speak you might miss out on some useful information.

And good luck to any dyslexics who might be trying to work out what you've written.

Thanks all,



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Read read! Text speak drives me mad. I am dyslexic and refuse to reply to my children's' texts unless they use proper words I have noticed it is seems to creep in, before we know where we are it will be accepted lets nip it in the bud now :)

Its a bit like the trend a while ago to post without spell checking or re-reading what you have posted. I know people sometimes post when they are not so well and we all make mistakes - goodness only knows I am always missing out words- but it almost became a competition to see who could look the sickest from the spelling in their posts!

Don't forget folks you can always edit your post afterwards if you spot a mistake.



Thanks, Steve, I agree - I find it very difficult to read and I am not dyslexic so I can only imagine how hard it must be if you do have any sort of reading difficulties.



I completely agree. I am severely dyslexic and use spell check on word for everything I type! It is evil trying to read text talk!!


On a positive note however the post did cheer my dyslexic daughter (sitting beside me) up no end as she thought it was someone else who types like her....



i am dyslexic but find reading txt easy! proberly because i am so use to trying to work out what doc's have written in patients notes on the ward, sorry Em H and Cathbear! but i agree that people should type properly when posting!

hope your all ok!

rob x x


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