An important warning to all message board users

Hi everyone.

For some time we have been dealing with the repeated attempts at rejoining this message board by a former member who was banned back in February for repeated abusive and offensive behaviour.

Originally they went by the name of Fluffyfish, and subsequently they have used the aliases SarahJ, Emgash, Bronnies, Fluffyfairies, Stickylungs and Classicalguitar. Of course, we suspend their account every time we find out, but they keep returning nontheless - using a different e-mail address to create a new account each time.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANY MESSAGE BOARD MEMBER CONTACT THIS USER, be it through this board or by any other electronic means; furthermore we would recommend if they are on your MSN list or Facebook friends list that you remove/block them.

They have abused people directly on this message board. They have abused them via PM through this message board. They have abused them via MSN, e-mail, text message and even Facebook. They have demonstrated this behaviour on other Internet message boards, and have even been banned from attending an ABRSM performance for fear that they might randomly verbally attack other people there with little or no provokation, as they have shown they do on this message board many times over.

Fortunately we have been sent many, many examples of their threatening and abusive messages/conversation logs/etc. by concerned members of this message board. Some of those targetted are under 18 years old, so it is possible that - if these repeated verbal assaults continue - we may be forced to take the matter further.

For the time being, please stay alert, and please let either CathBear or myself know if you have, AT ANY TIME, suffered an abusive post or message from this person via any of their aliases. They are not welcome on this board, and we will do our utmost to prevent them from ruining the experience for everyone else.

Thanks folks, and take care,


AUK Volunteer and message board moderator

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    Thanx mods :o)

  • ohhh! thanks mods for all u did yesterday u are all great. and for the warning will stay alert!!!!

  • ugh how annoying, have they got nothing better to do than post abuse on an asthma message board??!

    Probably not.

  • I'd like to say thank you to the moderators for alerting us to this. I guess it just goes to show how careful you need to be online these days!

    By the way, what does ABRSM stand for?

    Thanks, Sparkly Fairy :-)

  • Thanks for your replies and PMs, folks.

    Sorry, Sparkly Fairy - I should have made that clearer in my original post above! ABRSM is the ""Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music"". As a musician myself I never took any practical exams, but I do hold theory qualifications with them, and am a member of their message board.

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    bunny bounce!

  • Thank you very much, Steve and Cathy, for the warning and for all your hard work on this.

    It is good to know that you are trying to keep the board safe and friendly for us.


  • Addendum: The user ""Stickylungs"" has been shown to be another alias for this person. This user has now also been banned, and my post above has been ammended accordingly.

    Thanks again, folks.

  • Thanks for the warning and all the things you've done about this :)


  • Again!?

    Thanks moderators for keeping Asthma UK safe :)

    WzSurf x

  • thanks for that message, i have actually had messages form 4 of those people - some not too nice. was a bit shocked to find they were all the same person.

    thanks for warning us.


  • Thank you Peaksteve and CathBear for all that you do for us, it is very, very much appreciated. Living with asthma is not easy for anyone and its awful to think that someone could actually infiltrate our boards and cause hurt and uneccessary upset to our 'community'. So a HUGE thank you to you both for protecting us and keeping us a happy ship. Thank you muchly CathBear and Peaksteve, you are the best! Thank you for the warning and for all that you do, the boards have helped me come to terms with the severity of my asthma and to accept it and move on instead of denying it and keeping head firmly in the sand. You are both stars, thank you ever so, Lois xxx

  • *blushes*

    Thanks, folks!

  • And thanks from me too :D

  • Thanks forthe warning Peaksteve and Cathbear.

    I too have been a 'victim' to this person and have pm'd steve to tell him wot abuse i had.



  • Thanks Kymiii, Steve will look into it :)

  • Thank you to everyone who has forwarded details of disturbing messages to me or to CathBear.

    We have boosted the security measures now to ensure that this kind of thing does not happen again. However, it would help us immensely if you could remain alert, and forward any objectionable messages either to myself or CathBear, or report them using the link below the appropriate message in your Inbox.

    Additionally, I'll take the opportunity to inform you all that the message board now logs IP addresses of every post and PM; a handy extra security measure. This, along with some of the other new features, will require a slight change in the T&Cs of using this board - nothing that will affect you all, but we like to be open in what we're doing. I'll let you all know when this change has taken place.

    Thanks again,


  • Steve & Cathy,

    Many thanks for all your work!

    I am glad the security has gone up.

    Take care both of yous!


  • Thank u very much!


  • Thanks for looking out for us Cathy and Steve!

  • Thanks for looking out for us Cathy and Steve!

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  • !!!






  • Thanks to you all

    Just wanted to post a slightly soppy message to say thank you.

    Overall this board is a friendly place to post and get advice. Occasionally there have been people who wish to cause trouble and we have had to make some difficult decisions. We have been pushing constantly for the security features since the board's inauguration in March 2006; until last week we had therefore been ""driving blind"" as regards modding. It has been a difficult and at times frustrating job and I think at times there have been ruffled feathers in all quarters. Hopefully it will be more plain sailing from now on! Thank you all for bearing with us and for your understanding and support during this time. You are grand people!

    Kind Regards,


    (Puts away soggy hanky and gets on with job)

  • Bumping this up because the user it refers to has tried to create a new account again; fortunately one of the mods (not me, I'm afraid!) spotted them before they had the chance to post anything. The username they used is now listed in the original post above, as I believe they did send a number of PMs before we suspended them.



  • oh no not again!! at least she was found out before she could upset anyone again!!

  • Bumping because a) it's good to keep this at the top & b) I just want an excuse to copy me's cute & allergen free bunnies!


    (='.'=) (=' :')

    ("")_("") (,(')(')

  • Cathy and Steve know that I've had problems with this person in the past too, but I have been surprised by the extent of this person's vicious destruction. I came out of hospital to an email from someone I know through the Open University telling me that there is now a Facebook group urging people not to allow this person anywhere near you (in a virtual sense)! I am stunned that I have come across her in connection to a completely different group, and even more stunned that this person has had such an impact on so many people that a Facebook group has been set up to warn against her.

  • I used to text message Fluffyfish but I kinda stopped after a while cos her messages were repetitive even if I changed the subject of conversation!

  • Classical Guitar began sending pms to me over the weekend. In response to a query about magnesium. I feel I was a bit niave now in replying and chatting to her. Yuk I feel yuk now - as others say how pathetic is her life that she spends her time abusing people on this site (or any other come to that).

    Do you have access to my pms? I am quite happy if you and the other moderators wish to read them.

    Perhaps when we are new we need some guidelines on how to use the notice boards and when to use pms. The sort of things to post and what we shouldn't.

    I do not use any other chat sites and feel unsure about how much to tell others.


  • Sandi - good thoughts. I don't think there are any hard or fast rules though - people post different things and as long as they comply with the T&Cs of the board (see link at the bottom of the page) then that's fine. It really depends on your own personal comfort zone as to how much you tell other people - some people are very ready to bare their souls, whereas others are naturally more private and will not disclose much.

  • Just thanks Cath Bear for the reply. I just read the Privacy bit - mmn I was thinking of guidelines for us especially the less IT literate and savvy.

    I shall be more wary next time if someone I've not seen about suddenly starts PM ing me. Though that is not good as when I joined recently (prompted by a little splatette) I responded directly to Emily H as a PM in confusion really. She very kindly answered covering all my rambling questions etc. and directed me onto the public discussion and explained about camping too.

    As others have said this site is great - I tend not to make enough allowances for my asthma and push on regardless - not always good. Chatting on here is helping me to accept my asthma (after all I've only had it for 49 years - some ostritch hey)which I know will help me to assess how its going more frequently and respond with more seretide & ventolin.

    Keep up the vigilant moderating - thanks glad you spotted classicalguitar when you did. Did anyone else have PMs from her?

    a still concerned Sandi X

  • I'm afraid it wouldn't be within my remit to disclose about any other PMs - but please rest assured there has been no harm done this time. :-)

    Perhaps some kind of brief user guide would be useful as a sticky, or under the T*Cs, I'll suggest it to the powers that be.

  • ok thanks. Sandi

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  • boioioioioing!!!

  • Sorry for being a bit dim. But what do boiiing and suchlike mean?

    Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me.


  • Hi Sandi,

    It's okay, it is a bit confusing at first. On this forum, we don't have 'sticky topics' that we can make stay at the top of the list for a while, so if we want to keep a thread up at the top for a while so that it catchs everyone's attention, the board members very kindly post a little post to 'boiiiing' the post back up to the top of the board when it starts slipping down.


  • I think I should demonstrate! lol


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  • Tigger's at it again - boucy bouncy boioioioioinnnnggggg!!

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    thanks you bouncy lot. Even I get the picture now - though I do feel a bit giddy!!!

  • E I E I O up the message board we go...


  • *boiiing!

    thank you for letting us know steve and cathy, you do a really wonderful job of modding the boards, so thank you for looking out for us and keeping us all safe.


  • are you still wanting this catapulted to the top, mods?

  • I think we're ok to let it sink for a while, thanks!

  • Why

    Why would anyone want to come on here for sheer pleasure and abuse people its the BEST site ive ever been on and it makes you feel your not alone in this world and there is other people just like myself living day by day I can only compliment this site 110% Best wishes Kerry-anne xxxx

  • Hi.

    Can I just mention that I am of the Fluffy variety of username but am in no way connected with this ""person"".

    Sure those of you who know me will understand that but to those you don't - I am a harmless Fluffy!!!

    Merry Christmas to you all and may we all enjoy a symptom free festive season!

    Biggest Fluffy Hugs.


  • Indeed, Fluffy - you were a member here well before the first incarnation of the above (""FluffyFISH"") arrived on the scene.

    Another name she used was ""Fluffyfairies"", which is suspiciously similar to both yourself and ""Sparkly Fairy"", another long-standing message board member.

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