Official Asthma UK Facebook group

Yes, it's here at last! An official Asthma UK Facebook group, which we're hoping will run in tandem with these message boards - keep in touch with your Asthma UK friends, and you can also use it to post pictures, videos and web links.

Join up here:


(Mods hat now has ""Facebook"" badge on it)

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  • I've just joined - look forward to seeing you all on there!


  • Meee too.

  • me three!

  • I'm there now too! :D

  • And me!

  • Me too! Sandie even has her own dogbook page so if anyone has the dogbook application then feel free to add her!

  • Count me in too !

  • I've just joined too!

  • And me!

    Now comes the fun of working out whos who as we all got diferent names!!

  • ive joined to dont have a clue its like you need a A level or is it just me I can not work it out

  • ive joined.

  • I've just joined. Do we now have to produce a Who's Who so we know who's who?

  • Just let us know your username here on the Facebook group wall.

  • Hi Steve

    I was just kidding about the Who's Who!

  • I thought it was a good idea; much more useful than the real ""Who's Who"", which only serves a purpose if you want to know who is third-in-line to the Dukedom of Gloucester!

  • Its a great idea! I've been trying to guess who's who!

  • me joined too - see you all there!

  • Just joined


    I'm Dave Pickering in the facebook group. So go and have a nosy.


  • Sponsorship

    I'm running the London Marathon for Asthma UK & trying to get corporate sponsorship. If anybody can advise me on how to go about this, It would be much appreciated.


  • Dave, have you tried speaking to AUK's events team? They may be able to point you in the right direction. Email

  • Hi Ive just joined the group too but when I wrote on the wall mine came up with a delete tag rather than a message - report tag. Obviously doing something wrong - will try again later.

  • Hi I have just joined. I am not well with my asthma today. I have had to stay in bed because I haven't got much breath to talk and walk. Waiting for my next dose of Prednisolone!! Never mind what nice weather we are having!! Tiger 34 x

  • Cathy - it's not you, that's just how Facebook works. After all, you wouldn't want to report your own message, or message yourself!

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