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Old messageboards will be switched off in the next few days! will everyone who is currently posting to this board please start starting (!) some ""proper"" threads, preferably based on those on the AUK boards at the moment!

As soon as the old boards are gone, I will be deleting all of the random ""test"" threads and leaving only the proper ones.

Thanks you all your help, and because the boards are still being tested, please keep sending me any comments so they can be passed on to the team behind the software.

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I see the camp site has been set up, can we leave out the heffalumps? They are being a real pain in the ..... chest for many peeps at the mo!


PS have set up some threads on the Meds!


Thanks Kate.

Folks, it appears that the messageboards have now been turned off! At the moment there is no public link to these new boards, so keep the posts coming - it's looking well-used already!

If you signed up a few days ago, you might like to know that there are now additional areas in your profile that you can fill in if you so wish.

Also note that the option to post anonymously has now been removed. I'm sure you'll all agree that this is a good thing (although, as Hannah helped me discover, we mods could remove anonymity anyway).


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