Moderator message - suspended accounts

Hello there, everyone.

You probably aren't aware that we've recently had to suspend a number of message board accounts which were being used by a single person to create multiple online personalities (""Sock-Puppetry"", in internet-speak). We suspect that these are not genuine, and we believe we've traced the origin of the messages and have the necessary information to take action if we need to.

In the meantime, can I ask all of our members to be very wary of any information they are passed on by people who have had their message board accounts suspended. We don't suspend *any* accounts without a very good reason, so if you have any queries please get in touch with me via PM, or email

This is probably a timely reminder to always be aware that people on the Internet may not be who they appear to be, so be cautious. For younger users, please see (Child Exploitation & Online Protection).

Thanks, folks, and take care.

Steve & Cathy


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  • *playful nudge*

    Well, it seemed nicer than a bump!

  • Are not able to give details of the accounts cancelled.

  • If you PM me with a username (or a number of usernames) I can tell you whether or not those accounts are suspended.

  • Gussypoo, do you think we should ask if our accounts are suspended LOL!

  • hey u give out good info woody and ive been been behaving so it aint us....

  • Its good to know AUK is on the case and can act as necessary.

    I for one, don't want our boards infiltrated by persons unknown or undesirable.

    Big thank you to Steve and Cathy for keeping us safe.

  • I second Grannymo's sentiments :)

  • its not me!!!

  • And it's not me! If the culprits are reading this - Shame On You! Asthma is no laughing matter.

  • Its not me either

    Well said angievere, you are quite right Asthma is no joke.

    Lets hope AUK will do more to protect us all whilst on this Forum.

  • i haven't posted for ages...but it's definitely not me either!

  • its not me lol. i dont understand though why anyone would want to do this. its not a 'chat room' site, its an information type site so why use multiple accounts or names? very odd

  • not often i come on line as usually in my second home cosda thats just terrible they should be ashamed of themselves but it is not me either

  • It's not me either.

    I also can't understand why people would want to make a joke out of asthma. It is classed as a disease and if I could get rid of my son's asthma I would pay anything to do so. I don't care about me suffering but hate having to see and care for my son during his flare up's.

    Who ever it is if you are reading this, you have been court and shame on you for turning this life threatening issue into a joke

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