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Message from a moderator: please read!

Time out, everyone!

It seems that recent events on this board have lead one member to decide they don't want to post here any more. I don't think that's right or fair.

Please can everyone take time to read and re-read what they are about to post before they do so. It is very easy to get the wrong end of the stick on a text-only board such as this, and it's very easy to inadvertently say something you don't mean.

This is a friendly message board, and as such we will not tolerate ""flaming"" of any member of the board. Likewise if a number of members find a post (or, in this case, posts) objectionable then it's safe to assume that, whether intentional or not, the meaning that is being read into those posts is against the nature (and the term ans conditions) of this message board. Similarly, if you are asked to apologise it is not acceptable to get on your high horse! If others are reading the posts as offensive in any way, then it leads to ill feeling and as a moderator I can't allow that to go unmentioned.

I have received many complaints about comments directed towards one of our members, and having re-read them myself I have to say that I can see how they *appear* to be at the very least sarcastic and at the most a concerted attempt to belittle a message board member.

And so, through no fault of their own, another member decides to stop posting here.


In future, if anyone points out that any post by any member may be misconstrued, please can we all have the decency to accept this and apologise. This kind of self-moderation is much better than you all having to read another similar post to this by yours truly!

Thanks all,


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A general point to raise at this point if people will please store away for future reference:

If you feel upset, disconcerted, offended etc etc by any postings made on this board, or have any problems with any board members, then IN ADDITION to e-mailing web editor and/or clicking on the ""Report this Post"" button, could you please PM either myself or PeakSteve with your concerns.

Web Ed is frequently engaged on other tasks and both PeakSteve and I have full-time jobs to occupy us; I hope you will understand that we don't have the time to read every post on the board in detail (although I will, before someone shoots me down in flames, point out that we *do* pop in here every day unless there are extenuating circumstances). Please help us to help you by flagging up if you feel there are any problems.




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