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15 Replies

  • Better start bumping this thread, too!

  • Flips the thread to the top of the pile

  • Boink

  • Boink

  • Bounce... Bounce... im tiger! yeha! boing back to the top!

  • *grabs the T&Cs thread and throws it to join the Mod's Message*

  • Doink

  • lets do the samer with this while at it. Plonk!

  • if we all jump at same time apart from mass asthma attack do you think thread will jump to top??????????????????????

  • And it went hoppity, hoppity, hoppity HOP!!

    (With apologies to most sane people, to whom this will make NO sense at all)

  • using gum this time so it stays at the top!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bounce - is that dog food?

  • tumble dryer sheets, innit?!

  • I'll try a catapult to get it back up to the top this time.

  • It fell back down again - Ping!

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