What is it with September?

Last night i just had all my medicines and was about to settle down, when i suddenly could not breathe in or out. I rang my dad, followed by ringing an ambulance, tried to tell the operator what i wanted but was struggling to talk due to lack of breath. During wait i also start being sick in between not being able to breathe with asthma. Ambulance arrived, they were fantastic, by the time i reached the hospital i was starting to come round. I was discharged from a and e later that night?

Why do i always get really bad asthma attacks totally out of the blue, no warning every septemeber?

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  • Fungal spores? My allergic rhinitis us often bad in September.

    I'm so glad you got good treatment last night. Hope you're feeling better today.

  • Hope you are feeling better soon. I know just what you mean, my PF's have been falling all month, and woke up with really severe chest pain this morning.

  • sorry to hear you had a bad attack.loads of love and take care Love Glynis xxx

  • I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm having problems with my asthma now and the consultant's keeping a close eye on things. It could be fungal spores and I had specific blood tests for these last time I was at the hospital so I'll get the results when I go back to see the consultant. Are you taking anti-histamines? Might be worth discussing that with your doc/cons if not as it could help.

    I guess also the weather's starting to get colder (especially at night), the air is a bit damper, children are back at school so there are more colds and viruses flying around, less daylight/poorer weather may mean we are inside more with any allergens there.

    Also, for me I wonder if it could be stress/anxiety related as it was exactly this time last year that things went very wrong and I was very poorly with my asthma for the first time in my life. I was up at the GPs getting my flu jab today and I can so clearly remember struggling in there a year ago (when I know now I should have gone straight to the hospital) in the midst of a severe attack and I will never forget the look of worry on the GP/nurses faces. I'm terrified of being in that position again and wonder if that fear is actually impacting on my asthma.

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