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Hey, i spoke to somebody at asthma advice line and she told me about the forum, so here i am to find out about it.

My asthma has been very odd for the 18 months, i hvae had a persistant cough all that time and i spend most of my time on and off pred and antibiotics. I am under a consultant but really not getting any where apart from spending loads of time off university and now my new paid job. Last a week before being signed off it is very flustrating! Just walking across landing to bathroom leaves me very breathless, this area dont seem to be very good at admitting you to hospital as they give me neb and send me home again, only for me to go back a few hours later and repeat the process again and again. It is very annoying!

I am glad i have found this place, other people with asthma, is quite an encouragement in a strange way.

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Hi plumie, welcome to the board!

I'm sorry to hear that you're having a rough time with your asthma. I can imagine how frustrated you must be. I have diagnosed with asthma only a few months ago so I'm by no means an expert to be able to give advice but I'd say that if walking across your landing to get to the bathroom is leaving you very breathless, then that sounds like cause for concern. If it's affecting your Uni/work too and you feel that your not getting anywhere under your consultant, it may be worth visiting your GP asap to discuss how you feel. I don't think it's something that should be left to continue as is at present.

I hope you can get things sorted out real soon and that things will get better for you. Good luck!!


I am at the doctors weekely, and consultant monthly and just dont seem to be getting any where,my gp always says my chest sounds tight or crackly and the consultant says it sounds clear, me often hears the crackle myself. but i am begining to wonder if there is anything they can do. I am currently applying for dla and the posts i found on here where very helpful. I am currently sending in more evidence to them for me i havent had a good day in weeks, i have at least one attack a day if not more but the hos;pital here dont keep people in for asthma they say they are better off at home in there own enviroment. which is quite annoying especially when you end up at doctors so regualrly. Next time i see my doctor i am thinking of asking to see a different consultant for a second opinon to see if this gets me anywhere. am i ok to do this? any advice in this area?


Hello again!

I reckon it may be a good idea to ask for another consultant to see you and get a second opinion - I know I would if it was me. It sounds like your asthma needs to be taken a lot more seriously than it has been so far - for your own sake. If you are in any way dissatisfied with the treatment, or lack of perhaps in your case, I wouldn't hesitate to go bcak to your GP and ask for a second opinion. Your health comes first after all. Good luck and I hope to hear how you progress! Take care of yourself xxx


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