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Social services minefield

I had an assessment with a social worker 2 weeks ago and said i would get xyz help in my new house which i move into 19th march. Today he rings me to say he hasnt set anything up yet?!

Great I have all the help i need in my old house and i loose it all when i move house because it cannot transfer just like that as all carers have set working areas and there are none free in my new area. So i am moving to a more disabled accessible house but will have no help!

Anyone any ideas at all?

A very stressed plumie

P.S avoiding costa del nhs is high on my priority list!

P.SS I cannot stay in old house as contract up and not accessible enough.

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Hi Plumie,have you tried ring CAB to see where you stand regarding help and intitlements,not sure it

worth trying them,love Glynis xxx



Seems same old same old with Social Services

take forever to get things in place. Could social

services maybe talk to your current landlord

and ask for an extension until things are in place.

Do you have anyone or a few people who

could help you temporarily so the move goes

ahead. Please try and stay calm, easier said

than done I know but it will work itself

out. Take care



Could your hospital consultant get help quicker for you

by letter or fax to social services?

not sure if this will help you.

Good luck in your next move,

thats all you need more stress etc

love Glynis xxx


I had this issue a couple of years ago. Nothing transfered across. I had to have a reassessment in my new house for grab rails, bath board, quarter turn taps etc. Wasn't super essential but needed it to stay safe, took nearly 6 months for final OT work to be completed.

Also, be aware, your Inc support with disability premiums if you get that, may drop too! You have to call them to say you are still in the same position as before... just a tip. It is easy to reinstate though.

Soc Serv don't seem to realise that you can't just move ad then be reassessed which takes time etc.

Just keep on at them .... good luck with the move tomorrow XXX




I have to move tomorrow nothing can be done about that someone waiting to take my place. My consultant cannot do anything as he is away as is my resp nurse. I will just keep ringing them and if all else fails go into survival mode so to speak. (going from care twice daily to nowt could be fun?!)

I will keep hammering the social services and thank you for the benefits tip kate i am thankful of the warning!

Thanks folks!



Have you got a company you can refer yourself to in your area? we have Somerset direct to which I refer people for work but family can refer or you can refer yourself and they have to take your worries seriously. It's just so unfair what you have to put up with all this crap, moving is stressful enough. I can understand why you don't want to go into hospital but at least when you come out they have to have everything in place for you to go home.Totally unideal I know!

Good luck in your new home, wishing you health, wealth and happiness

Kate x


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